Caribbean Airlines
Table Talk Food Awards

For decades the relationship between Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago has been defined by our shared passions for cricket, education and Carnival. Now, thanks to the innovation and enthusiasm of the Jamaica Observer, we can add to that list our shared passion for food in the form of the Trinidad and Tobago Table Talk Food Awards.

There is no doubt that the Jamaica Observer made a bold move when the team—led by conceptualiser, Novia McDonald Whyte—set their sights on celebrating culinary excellence in Trinidad and Tobago. While the newspaper did indeed have the credentials—what with so many years of hosting the wildly successful Table Talk Food Awards in Kingston—the question was always could they really define heights for T&T cuisine? The answer is a resounding “Yes” as the Jamaica Observer has done just that by co-opting the insights and experiences of some of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading tastemakers and epicureans.

As the airline of the Caribbean, we are excited by the efforts to define excellence in both Trinidadian and Jamaican cuisine. By doing so, Novia and her team have opened the door to so many delicious reasons for us to explore and experience new dimensions in each island. Our own initiative to showcase Caribbean cuisine from some of the region's most accomplished chefs in our Business Class, as well as our partnership with Appleton Estate VX and Grace Tropical Rhythms for Signature Summer Cocktails, are both testimony to our belief that food is a seminal part of travel.

Stories that come from exploring our islands by knife, fork and spoon are always the best stories to share. We look forward to good eats that will spark many more reasons for Jamaicans and Trinidadians to celebrate together.

Bon appétit!

Alicia Cabrera
Senior Marketing Manager
Caribbean Airlines Limited