Why are my feet so cold?

WE live on a beautiful tropical island and unless you live in mountainous areas, temperatures rarely drop below 28 degrees.So why do some people have feet that feel like they are living in Northern Europe during the winter? Read More

Synthetic hormones in food
FOR many people who don't have a background in biology, it is difficult to fathom this business of hormones and their function in the body.... Read More

When it comes to brain tumours, a patient's sex matters
 ... Read More

Food addiction and weight gain
 ... Read More

Good mental health and Vitamin D

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

AS we begin 2019, many of us will make resolutions regarding many matters, including our health. Our health is not only our wealth (a source of happiness), butalso our means to procuring a good quality of life as well as a possibly long Read More

Intekai: It's worth the weight

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

THERE is a rising pandemic, an emerging and growing (no pun intended) worldwide disease, obesity, and Jamaica has not been exempted. Read More

Need a filling?... Here's what to expect

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

CAVITIES develop when excessive plaque, a sticky bacterial film, accumulates on the teeth. Read More

Light at night can disrupt circadian rhythms in children

BY RICHARD G 'BUGS' STEVENS | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

A new scientific study shows that bright electric light exposure of preschool children in the evening suppresses melatonin production almost completely, an important addition to the growing body of research in this area. Melatonin suppression is a marker of disruption of our circadian... Read More

Tips for a new year brain tune-up

BY KELLY LAMBERT | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

U NLIKE the effervescent bubbles that stream to the top of champagne flutes on New Year's Eve, what I call brain bubbles are far from celebratory. These bubbles are metaphorical rather than physical, and they distort the stream of reality processed by our brains. Like a... Read More

Aesthetic predictions for 2019

With Michelle Vernon | Sunday, January, 6 2019    

Happy New Year! Here's a glimpse of what we will see more, or less of, this year for the aesthetics industry.Natural-looking results Read More

Forget ... Recondition instead

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

AFTER holidays and the thrill of the culinary experiences that come with it, it's time to get back on track with healthier, controlled portions and reduced refined flour and sugar intake. Read More

Bleed me: Why excess iron can be dangerous

BY RICHARD G 'BUGS' STEVENS | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

 IRON is a most versatile element. It is essential to many of the enzymes that are the engines for life, and in mammals is also used to carry oxygen by haemoglobin in blood. Remember Popeye and his spinach: All that iron made him strong. Read More

Nigerian couples cautiously turn to surrogacy to ease fertility woes

Sunday, December, 30 2018    

LAGOS, Nigeria (AFP) — Ada became a surrogate mother after her landlord threatened to evict her family from their apartment in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, two years ago. Read More

Pesticides harm our bodies

Dr Wendy-Gaye Thomas | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

“LET food be thy medicine”. So said Hippocrates, a physician who lived in ancient Greece and who is traditionally regarded as the father of medicine. He was the first to teach that illness had a natural cause, rather than being the result of the wrath of the... Read More

Our fight with fat: Why is obesity getting worse?

BY KENNETH CUSI | Sunday, December, 30 2018    

GYMS across the country will be packed in the new year with people sticking, however briefly, to their new year's resolution to lose weight. Most of them do not know that the cards are stacked against them and that weight loss is much more complicated than working out and not eating... Read More




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