Local urologist offers minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery

Sunday, April, 1 2018    

W ITH benefits such as minimal pain, reduced blood loss, smaller scars, and shorter hospital stays, a local doctor is offering laparoscopic radical prostatectomy as a surgical option for men with localised prostate cancer in Jamaica. Read More

Should doctors or parents make decisions for sick children?

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, April, 1 2018    

TODAY is Easter Sunday, a time when Christians worldwide celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and end a 40-day period of fasting, prayer and penance. Read More

Foods often misrepresented

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, April, 1 2018    

 HAVING looked at food myths two weeks ago, today we are moving on to additional and often misrepresen ted food ideas. In this article we will be looking at sports drinks, multivitamins, brown sugar, and margarine.  Read More

Viagra rising: How the little blue pill revolutionised sex Viagra rising

Sunday, April, 1 2018    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — Twenty years ago a little blue pill called Viagra unleashed a cultural shift in America, making sex possible again for millions of older men and bringing the once-taboo topic of impotence into daily conversation. Read More

'Give me abs'

JO-HANNA TAYLOR | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

ONE of the most common requests I get as a personal trainer is to “Give me abs,” “Flatten my tummy,” “Get rid of my belly.”Is this familiar? Is this you?Relax, you're not alone. Read More

Obesity could become chief avoidable cancer cause — UK charity

Sunday, March, 25 2018    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — Obesity could overtake smoking as the chief avoidable cause of cancer-related deaths, the world's largest independent funder of cancer research said last Friday. Read More

Preventing dry socket

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

THERE are a number of reasons why your dentist might suggest a tooth extraction, from incoming wisdom teeth to a damaged tooth, or even overcrowding. Read More

Overcoming Down's syndrome

BY STACY-ANN DELEVANTE | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

MARCH 21 is observed annually as World Down's Syndrome Day and is used to heighten awareness about the condition as well as highlight the positive contributions that can be made by people living with it. Read More

Easter treat for sickle-cell patients

Sunday, March, 25 2018    

AS part of an ongoing commitment to raise awareness and serve those living with sickle cell disease in Jamaica, Shak's Hope Foundation says it will be hosting two Easter treats for adults and children in Black River and Montego Bay, respectively. Read More

Osteoarthritis in the knee

Angela Davis | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

OSTEOARTHRITIS is a very common condition that is known as the “wear and tear” arthritis. Other forms of the disease exist and they include gout, rheumatoid, psoriatic, and fibromyalgia. Read More

Photo: Key partnership

Sunday, March, 25 2018    

Nurse Catherine Treasure from National Blood Transfusion Service assists general insurance manager at Caribbean Assurance Brokers Limited Heather Muirhead- Brown, who breaks from her busy day to support Key Insurance Limited's inaugural blood drive at the company's head office in Kingston... Read More

How important is wellness in the workplace?

Sunday, March, 25 2018    

WORKPLACE wellness and engagement is a holistic process that looks at the whole person and initiatives which can impact an employee's entire lifestyle, which is supported through positive behaviour change. Read More

Creating a disciplined and healthy lifestyle

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, March, 25 2018    

 OVER the last few days the topics of self-discipline, self-control and willpower kept surfacing. Read More

Sick air travellers most likely to infect next row — study

Sunday, March, 25 2018    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — People who fly on aeroplanes while contagious can indeed get other people sick, but the risk is mainly to those seated next to them or in the adjacent row, United States researchers said last Monday. Read More

Debunking food and diet myths

By Fitz-George Rattray | Sunday, March, 18 2018    

 MORE and more, people are going insane with food myths, twisting their diets, health and minds with unnecessary and sometimes risky restrictions and ridiculous indulgences. Read More


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