Disinfecting your toothbrush

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, September, 2 2018    

IS your toothbrush a germ-breeding ground? Read More

Ganja use and psychosis in young people

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, September, 2 2018    

IT has long been said that the use of ganja (marijuana, cannabis) by children and teenagers may harm their brain since at their age the brain is developing rapidly, and research has shown that ganja use is linked to memory dysfunction. Read More

Pilates for men

Selena DeLeon | Sunday, September, 2 2018    

HOW often does a man automatically assume the role of alpha by opening a door, lifting a heavy object or bracing the fall of his female counterpart? Proven time and time again, chivalry is not dead in Jamaica! We have human genetics as well as education to thank for... Read More

Gut bacteria will make or break you

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, September, 2 2018    

   Read More

Back-to-school prep for children with chronic illness

Sunday, September, 2 2018    

THROUGHOUT childhood, many have the tendency to develop minor illnesses and viral infections which usually pass with time and careful treatment. Read More

UK mulls ban on sale of energy drinks to children

Sunday, September, 2 2018    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — Britain's Government launched a public consultation Thursday over plans to ban the sale of energy drinks to young people as it grapples with some of Western Europe's worst child obesity rates. Read More

Pursuit of perfection

With Michelle Vernon | Sunday, September, 2 2018    

THE fast-growing business of beauty has females and males alike chasing perfection. Weight fluctuations and ageing can lead to an altered distribution of subcutaneous fat and changes in skin elasticity, which are cosmetically undesirable and, for most clients, unresponsive to dieting and... Read More

Rapidly increase vaccination coverage, PAHO urges

Monday, August, 27 2018    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (CMC) — Member states of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) are being urged to rapidly increase their vaccination coverage. Read More

Back-to-school dental tips

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

YOUR child may have the latest wardrobe, school supplies and sports equipment for the new school year, but does he or she have a healthy mouth and the tools needed to maintain it? Read More

Baby poop may be source of beneficial probiotics — scientists

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

PROBIOTICS seem to be everywhere these days — in yogurt, pickles, bread, even dog food. But there's one place that may surprise you: There are probiotics in dirty diapers.Yes, that's right — baby poop. Read More

Pilates and sports precision

Selena Deleon | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

AS sport evolves, we have seen more than one professional athlete pick up on the benefits of Pilates to their game strategy. Read More

No safe level of alcohol, study says

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

PARIS, France (AFP) — Even an occasional glass of wine or beer increases the risk of health problems and dying, according to a major study on drinking in 195 nations that attributes 2.8 million premature deaths worldwide each year to booze. Read More

Risk factors for fungal nail infection

By Angela Davis | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

FUNGAL nails or onychomycosis can be a real torment. Read More

Detoxes and cleanses are pointless

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

DETOXES and cleanses are nonsense. Sounds controversial? Well, it is if you are speaking with some wellness experts or gurus, but not if you are speaking with a researcher or a physiologist. Read More

Eye exam may predict Alzheimer's

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Advances in eye exam technology could one day help doctors diagnose people with Alzheimer's disease long before symptoms appear, researchers said Thursday. Read More


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