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'Safe blood saves lives'

Sunday, June, 14 2020    

AS the National Blood Transfusion Services gets in gear to host an awards ceremony tomorrow to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is reiterating that blood donations are more necessary than ever during the current COVID-19... Read More

Orbital cellulitis and its link to dental health

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

BELIEVE it or not, infections that start in your mouth or sinuses can spread to other parts of your body. Read More

Want to stop overeating?

Jo-Hanna Taylor | Sunday, June, 14 2020    

EVEN though exercise plays a huge role in weight loss, eating healthy and having a healthy relationship with food are also very important. Read More

Back-to-school tips amid COVID-19

Sunday, June, 7 2020    

IS it safe for children to return to school? Read More

COVID-19's stormy eyes

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, June, 7 2020    

THE meme circulating on social media of two worms in the safe precincts of their hole discussing Government's relaxing of restrictions on bars, churches and social gatherings, only to see a massive bird called COVID-19 perched on the outside, unbeknownst to them. Read More

Wear masks in public, says WHO in new COVID-19 advice

Sunday, June, 7 2020    

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday changed its advice on face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, saying they should be worn in places where the virus is widespread and physical distancing is difficult. Read More

Healthy reality check: What money cannot do

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, May, 31 2020    

MONEY is at the heart of human reality. Yet, COVID-19 has asked us to rethink our focus to see the limits of the almighty dollar.Such refocused view may be our healthiest reality check to date, and when we do what money can't, therein may lie real health. Read More

Could my mummy tummy be the cause of my back pain?

Sunday, May, 31 2020    

MUMMY tummy, which is scientifically known as diastasis recti , is a condition where the connective tissue between the rectus abdomen muscles ('six pack' muscles) weakens, causing the muscles to separate. Read More

Sugar in fast food, processed meat

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, May, 31 2020    

It is well-established that, on average, vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians live longer, healthier and more pain-free lives. Read More

3 possible reasons for your nagging shoulder pain

Kimberly Hoffman | Sunday, May, 24 2020    

YOUR shoulder hurts really badly and you are thinking to yourself, “I didn't fall; I didn't hit it; I haven't done anything outside of the ordinary”. Read More

Should you fly yet?

BY KACEY ERNST & PALOMA BEAMER University of Arizona | Sunday, May, 24 2020    

WE don't know about you, but we're ready to travel. And that typically means flying. Read More

Antibiotics for an abscessed tooth

by Sharon Robinson | Sunday, May, 24 2020    

ANTIBIOTICS are just one of the many tools dentists have to treat dental infections, like an abscessed tooth.Throughout the world, dentists commonly prescribe Amoxicillin for abscessed tooth infections that require antibiotic therapy.  Read More

Quit smoking & drinking

Sunday, May, 24 2020    

SMOKING tobacco has been linked to various respiratory conditions and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as stroke, heart disease and a variety of cancers, as well as other issues like reduced function of the immune system. Read More

Anti-viral drug effective against COVID-19 — study

Sunday, May, 24 2020    

WASHI NGTON, United States (AFP) — Anti-viral drug remdesivir cuts recovery times in COVID-19 patients, according to the full results of a trial published Friday night, three weeks after America's top infectious diseases expert said the study showed the medication... Read More

Survival mode

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, May, 24 2020    

MANY strive at all cost to climb the social ladder, live in luxurious homes, take dream vacations, drive fancy cars, while having a little fortune stashed away in the bank. This, in a bid to make the most of what life has to offer. Read More


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