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Yoga, meditation help reduce chronic pain

Sunday, October, 11 2020    

A mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course was found to benefit patients with chronic pain and depression, leading to significant improvement in participant perceptions of pain, mood and functional capacity. Read More

Tips to help manage PCOS

Dr Gabriella Diaz | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

You may have seen the term polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) recently, as September is recognised as the month for raising awareness about the condition. But what is it?  Read More

Trump is taking the latest in COVID-19 treatments

BY WILLIAM PETRI & JEFFREY M STUREK University of Virginia | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

WITH 74-year-old US President Donald Trump and 50-year-old first lady Melania Trump testing positive for the novel coronavirus, what are the best proven treatments for them and other patients? Read More

Inject some love

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, October, 4 2020    

A child devoid of love will grow loveless and broken. In turn, mates that love less will break in marriage.How can partners cement their relationship in love — one of, if not the greatest quality of all?  Read More

Pregnant? Here's how your nutritional needs will change

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

THE consequences of a woman's food choices does not only affect her health, but that of future generations as well. Also, prior to pregnancy, a woman has the unique opportunity to prepare herself physically, mentally and emotionally for the many changes that will... Read More

Want a happy union?

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

SOMEONE taking the lead, even if it means consulting with others, is a normal course of human operations.In government and at work, headship has great merits. Within marriage, it should be no different. Read More

Digital laryngoscopes for Mandeville Regional Hospital

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

MANDEVILLE, Manchester —The use of three donated digital laryngoscopes valued at $1.2 million over the last two months has greatly assisted medical staff at the Mandeville Regional Hospital, according to Alwyn Miller, chief executive officer at the hospital. Read More

Young cancer warrior has not lost spunk

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

THOUGH she is facing more challenges than other children her age, four-year-old Nyla Amira has not lost her spunk and joyful nature. Read More

SickKids and Scotiabank working to help children fight cancer

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

THE SickKids-Caribbean Initiative (SCI), funded in part by Scotiabank, continues to improve access to health services for children in six Caribbean countries who are diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders. Read More

Doctor makes case for MDLex

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

IN just a matter of months, we have seen a dramatic industrial shift. Read More

Tiny airborne particles may pose a big COVID problem

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

NEW YORK, United States (AP) — At a University of Maryland lab, people infected with the new coronavirus take turns sitting in a chair and putting their faces into the big end of a large cone. They recite the alphabet and sing, or just sit quietly for a half hour. Sometimes they... Read More

First person cured of HIV dying from blood cancer, says partner

Sunday, September, 27 2020    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AFP) — Timothy Ray Brown, the American once known as “the Berlin patient” who in 2008 became the first person to be cured of HIV, is terminally ill with cancer, according to his partner. Read More

Lactose intolerant? ...All is not lost

Dr Gabriella Diaz | Sunday, September, 20 2020    

YOU'VE been craving a milkshake treat after a long, productive week however, you do not want the side effects of bloating, cramping and diarrhoea.You may not be alone, as lactose intolerance is a common phenomenon.  Read More

Half of COVID patients in Irish study suffer ongoing fatigue

Sunday, September, 20 2020    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — More than half of patients and staff with COVID-19 monitored by an Irish hospital suffered persistent fatigue in the aftermath of the initial disease, according to a new study last Friday highlighting the “significant burden” of lingering... Read More

Polio vaccine in the crossfire of misinformation

Sunday, September, 20 2020    

LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AFP) — As scientists around the world rush to find a vaccine to stem the spread of COVID-19, another deadly disease — polio — has become the latest target of misinformation campaigns online. Read More


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