Is porn a public health problem?

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

PUBLIC health is a term referring to the health of the population as a whole, and pornography is the depiction or portrayal of sexual behaviour for the purpose of sexually arousing or satisfying a person. Read More

To thicker, fuller eyebrows

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

It's all about the brows — thicker, fuller, natural-looking brows.It's no wonder then that consumers are seeking more permanent options for fuller brows. Microblading is one way to achieve that look. Read More

Start the school year with a smile

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, September, 3 2017    

IT'S the start of a new school year and your children are all set with new clothes and school supplies. But don't forget about their oral health!Add these dental health tips to your back-to-school checklist. Read More

Marijuana use associated with three fold hypertension death risk

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

MARIJUANA use is associated with a three-fold risk of death from hypertension, according to research published earlier this month in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology . Read More

Roots of schizophrenia: Excess of an amino acid during pregnancy?

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

AN abundance of an amino acid called methionine, which is common in meat, cheese, and beans, may provide new clues to the foetal brain development that can manifest in schizophrenia, University of California, Irvine (UCI) pharmacology researchers report in the journal ... Read More

Major breakthrough in the treatment of anal cancer

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

Specialists at The Christie and The University of Manchester have made a breakthrough which could potentially improve detection and treatment of anal cancer, as well as have wider implications for other cancers. Read More

HIIT helps combat high insulin resistance

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

A new study published in Frontiers in Physiology suggests that high-intensity interval training is an efficient, effective way of cutting people's risk of developing type-2 diabetes, regardless of their levels of insulin resistance — a key... Read More

Caffeine tempers taste, triggering temptation for sweets

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

CAFFEINE, the widely consumed stimulant and igniter of sluggish mornings, has been found to temper taste buds temporarily, making food and drink seem less sweet, according to new Cornell University research. Read More

Limb length discrepancy

Angela Davis | Sunday, August, 27 2017    

LIMB length discrepancy (LLD) is when there is a difference between the lengths of the arms or legs. Read More

Social smoking vs daily smoking

BY BERNADETTE MELNYK | Sunday, August, 27 2017    

“Everything in moderation.” Read More

Lab-made 'mini organs' helping doctors treat cystic fibrosis

Sunday, August, 27 2017    

UTRECHT, Netherlands (AP) — Els van der Heijden, who has cystic fibrosis, was finding it ever harder to breathe as her lungs filled with thick, sticky mucus. Read More

Healing by regeneration

BY ANIKA RICHARDS Associate editor — news | Friday, August, 25 2017    

ONE year ago Sandrene Brown could not climb a flight of stairs without holding on to the rails for support. The simple act, which is routine for so many people, was just too painful.However, she is now pain-free and can run up and down stairways to her liking. Read More

Leading by example: Health staff enthusiastic about regular physical activity

Monday, August, 21 2017    

ALIGNED with the Ministry of Health's 'Jamaica Moves' campaign, which promotes healthy lifestyle habits among Jamaicans, the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) is providing resources and support to its staff in the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester, and St Elizabeth, to promote... Read More

Be careful!

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

PEOPLE interested in watching tomorrow's solar eclipse is being urged to do so with caution.In a release on Friday, the Ministry of Health advised the public to be cautious during the partial solar eclipse, as looking directly at the sun could damage the eyes. Read More

How to safely watch an eclipse

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — Everyone who plans to look up when the solar eclipse sweeps across the sky tomorrow should have the proper protective eyewear, or risk lasting blind spots, experts warn. Read More


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