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Avoiding words that hurt

Warrick Lattibeaudiere | Sunday, September, 13 2020    

“THERE are three things that return not: the spoken word, the spent arrow, and the lost opportunity!” Read More

Prostate cancer continues to rise in Jamaica

Sunday, September, 13 2020    

REGIONAL medical epidemiologist, Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Dr Maung Aung says the country continues to see an increase in the incidence of prostate cancer. Read More

If sitting all day is bad, could I lie down instead?

BY ARTHUR L WELTMAN University of Virginia | Sunday, September, 13 2020    

MOST of us have heard that too much sitting is bad for you. Studies show sitting increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, mortality, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Read More

Carbohydrates explained

Dr Gabriella Diaz | Sunday, September, 6 2020    

HOW many times have you heard someone say that they are staying away from carbs or going on a self-prescribed extremely low-carb diet? Read More

What is the best way to share out a future COVID-19 vaccine?

Sunday, September, 6 2020    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (AFP) — An international group of ethicists last Thursday criticised the World Health Organization's (WHO) goal of distributing novel coronavirus vaccines to treat 20 per cent of each country's population, proposing instead what they said was a more... Read More

World 'falling behind' on goal to cut chronic disease deaths

Sunday, September, 6 2020    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — Only six high-income countries are doing enough to tackle deaths from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, a global report said last Friday, warning the novel coronavirus pandemic exposes the urgent need to combat underlying... Read More

Preventing tooth decay in children

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, September, 6 2020    

HEALTHY gums and teeth are important to your child's overall health. This is why your child's doctor will talk with you about good dental habits even before your child's first tooth appears. Read More

Canada's top doctor urges mask-wearing during sex, no kissing

Sunday, September, 6 2020    

OTTAWA, Canada (AFP) — Canada's chief public health officer last Wednesday urged couples to wear masks during sex to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus . Read More

Steroids cut COVID-19 death rates, but not for everyone

BY BRYAN MCVERRY University of Pittsburgh | Sunday, September, 6 2020    

NEW studies show that treating critically ill COVID-19 patients with inexpensive steroids can cut their risk of dying from the illness by a third. The results are so clear that the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its advice on September 2 and now strongly recommends... Read More

How dental anaesthesia works?

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, August, 30 2020    

FOR many, the prospect of visiting a dentist invokes fear and anxiety. Thankfully, pain-free dentistry is possible for everyone. Read More

7 things that trigger allergies

Sunday, August, 30 2020    

IF you're constantly stuffy, coughing or sniffling in the mornings, or experiencing sneezing fits, it might not be the flu or COVID-19, but rather, irritated sinuses. These are all symptoms of an allergic reaction. Read More

Do you understand your food labels?

Dr Gabriella Diaz | Sunday, August, 30 2020    

YOU desire to make healthy food choices for yourself and your family, especially with the emergence of viruses with which we have all been plagued. How then can you choose the most nutritious foods? Read More

For COVID-19, what is 'safe' social distancing?

Sunday, August, 30 2020    

PARIS, France (AFP) — One metre or two? Or is it six? When it comes to novel coronavirus social distancing, there is no single rule of thumb, researchers cautioned in a study last week. Read More

Soap: Modern-day miracle

Sunday, August, 30 2020    

“ The quantity of soap consumed by a nation is an accurate measure of its wealth and civilisation.”— Justus von Liebig, German chemist Read More

Are all vegetarian diets healthy?

Sunday, August, 30 2020    

VEGETARIAN foods are not equally healthy, according to research presented last Thursday at ESC Congress 2020. Read More


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