Adding years to your life

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, August, 20 2017    

WOULD seven years of additional life be valuable to you? Read More

Your bad breath might be due to stomach issues

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, August, 20 2017    

WHEN it comes to bad breath, most know to avoid the repeat offenders such as strong-smelling foods or tooth decay. But your bad breath might not be coming from the condition of your mouth, but your stomach. Read More

Pfizer gets FDA nod for leukemia drug

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

NEW JERSEY, United States (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer, after other treatments have failed. Read More

Study boosts hope of 'liquid biopsies' for cancer screening

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

SCIENTISTS have the first major evidence that blood tests called 'liquid biopsies' hold promise for screening people for cancer. Hong Kong doctors tried it for a type of head and neck cancer, and boosted early detection and one measure of survival. Read More

Peanut allergy breakthrough

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

SYDNEY, Australia (AFP) — Australian researchers have reported a major breakthrough in the relief of the deadly peanut allergy, with the discovery of a long-lasting treatment they say offers hope that a cure will soon be possible. Read More

Two lung diseases killed 3.6 million in 2015, finds study

Sunday, August, 20 2017    

PARIS, France (AFP) — The two most common chronic lung diseases claimed 3.6 million lives worldwide in 2015, according to a tally published last Thursday in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. Read More

Key to flawless skin is in your blood

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, August, 20 2017    

ALL you ever needed for flawless skin is in your blood.If you are not inclined to use chemicals such as botox or fillers injected into your skin to defy age, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial might be right for you. Read More

Death rates far higher for 'alternative' cancer cures — study

Saturday, August, 19 2017    

PARIS, France (AFP) — People who choose alternative cures for common cancers are up to five times more likely to die compared to those opting for standard treatments, the lead scientist of a new study told AFP yesterday. Read More

Sex after a heart attack

Dr Claudine Lewis | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

AFTER a heart attack, the patient and their partner are usually fearful about resuming certain routine activities — such as driving, sex, and exercise — and usually have safety concerns. Read More

Foundation helps to improve patient care at UHWI

Sunday, August, 13 2017    

THE JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation recently outfitted the intravenous ( IV) fluid room in the pharmacy department of the University of the West Indies Hospital (UHWI) with a new 60,000 BTU air conditioning unit valued at over $500,000, to assist the... Read More

Back to school with the right shoes

Angela Davis | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

THE new school term is just around the corner and parents will be rushing around, checking off that extensive shopping list that will no doubt include books, uniforms, sports kits, and, of course, new school shoes. Read More

Sandals continues its drive for health and wellness

Sunday, August, 13 2017    

Recently millions worldwide celebrated International Global Wellness Day by doing a physical activity, eating healthily or engaging in therapeutic sessions as a means of mental and physical relaxation. However, for Sandals Resorts in the Montego Bay region, the emphasis on healthy... Read More

Hormone shows promise for treating neurodegenerative conditions, study finds

Sunday, August, 13 2017    

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — A single injection of a fragment of a life-extending protein hormone could improve cognition in those with neurodegenerative illnesses, according to new research published last Tuesday. Read More

I have an open bite

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

THE way your teeth align and meet together is known as occlusion. In an ideal world the teeth match up perfectly, with the upper teeth resting just slightly above the lower teeth when your jaw is closed and the top surfaces of the molars lining up. Read More

Health minister does more than talk

BY ROCHELLE WILLIAMS | Sunday, August, 13 2017    

'Minister Moves', 'Dr Fit Tufton' and 'Minister of Fitness' are just some of the names ascribed to Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, who is credited as being a minister who 'walks the talk' in the lifestyle habits he advocates. Read More


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