Rapidly increase vaccination coverage, PAHO urges

Monday, August, 27 2018    

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (CMC) — Member states of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) are being urged to rapidly increase their vaccination coverage. Read More

Back-to-school dental tips

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

YOUR child may have the latest wardrobe, school supplies and sports equipment for the new school year, but does he or she have a healthy mouth and the tools needed to maintain it? Read More

Baby poop may be source of beneficial probiotics — scientists

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

PROBIOTICS seem to be everywhere these days — in yogurt, pickles, bread, even dog food. But there's one place that may surprise you: There are probiotics in dirty diapers.Yes, that's right — baby poop. Read More

Pilates and sports precision

Selena Deleon | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

AS sport evolves, we have seen more than one professional athlete pick up on the benefits of Pilates to their game strategy. Read More

No safe level of alcohol, study says

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

PARIS, France (AFP) — Even an occasional glass of wine or beer increases the risk of health problems and dying, according to a major study on drinking in 195 nations that attributes 2.8 million premature deaths worldwide each year to booze. Read More

Risk factors for fungal nail infection

By Angela Davis | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

FUNGAL nails or onychomycosis can be a real torment. Read More

Detoxes and cleanses are pointless

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, August, 26 2018    

DETOXES and cleanses are nonsense. Sounds controversial? Well, it is if you are speaking with some wellness experts or gurus, but not if you are speaking with a researcher or a physiologist. Read More

Eye exam may predict Alzheimer's

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Advances in eye exam technology could one day help doctors diagnose people with Alzheimer's disease long before symptoms appear, researchers said Thursday. Read More

Britain faces sperm shortage in case of no-deal Brexit

Sunday, August, 26 2018    

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — British couples looking to conceive through artificial insemination face uncertainty if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal because sperm would no longer be imported from EU countries under existing... Read More

Green Juice: Is it worth the excitement?

BY JO-HANNA TAYLOR | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

GREEN juices have been a huge trend for the past few years. There are many juice shops and stalls selling pricey green healing elixirs, promising unbelievable results. Read More

How to get rid of cellulite

With Michelle Vernon | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

A common myth about cellulite is that it only affects those that are overweight.Cellulite is not only associated with those who are overweight but is a major concern for a majority of females and some males of all ages, sizes and race.  Read More

$750,000 donated to fight against cancer

Sunday, August, 19 2018    

THE Hope Institute of Jamaica and the Jamaica Cancer Care and Research Institute (JACCRI) are the beneficiaries of $750,000 from the recently held 'ICWI Hope In The Hills' concert. Read More

Obesity, exercise and older women

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

WHETHER we are slim, medium build, overweight, or severely obese, our current body size is a result of our genetic predisposition (genes given to us by our parents) as well as our lifestyle during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Read More

The Intekai Diet

Fitz-George Rattray | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

 I have been asked what the InteKai Diet (ITK Wave) is and how it works. As diets are conventionally understood, ITK is not a diet. It is a system of eating designed meals at different stages to create various changes. Read More

Pilates: The anti-ageing exercise solution

Selena Deleon | Sunday, August, 19 2018    

PILATES is a system of exercises that offers both resistance in safe ranges and stretching. This serves to do two things: Stabilise joints in the optimal position and lengthen the muscles so that the joint can have a greater range of motion. Read More


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