Breaking habits through executing your intentions

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, January, 14 2018    

If you are separated from your wellness goals, it is very likely that you have developed bad habits. We are all aware of the existence of good and bad habits, and their management is integral not only to wellness, but also any pursuit of a quality of life. However, for many people the... Read More

Breast cancer gene does not boost risk of death — study

Sunday, January, 14 2018    

PARIS, France (AFP) —Young women with the breast cancer gene mutation that prompted actress Angelina Jolie's pre-emptive and much-publicised double mastectomy are not more likely to die after a breast cancer diagnosis, scientists have said. Read More


Sunday, January, 14 2018    


8 steps to dental health

By Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, January, 7 2018    

OKAY, so you know about brushing and flossing. But there are other steps you should take if you want to keep your teeth for a lifetime. Read More

If they can, you can too

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, January, 7 2018    

THIS is potentially a wonderful year for you. Just how wonderful it will be depends largely on your better choices and ability to stay the course, according to your new year's resolution. Read More

Open versus endovascular treatment for cerebral aneurysms

Sunday, January, 7 2018    

DOSTORS Brandon J Davis, dual-trained neurosurgeon and endovascular surgeon at Memorial Neuroscience Institute of Memorial Healthcare System in South Florida, and Dean Hertzler, paediatric neurosurgeon at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, have both been invited to participate as guest... Read More

Do not turn a blind eye to sexual harassment

Dr Derrick Aarons | Sunday, January, 7 2018    

WE started a new year this past week, but for most of us the ingrained habits of yesteryear will follow us throughout this year. Read More

2018 beauty trends

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, January, 7 2018    

MORE than ever before, multicultural trends in skin care and wellness are becoming all the rave in the western spa market. Read More

Addictive gaming to be recognised as disease: WHO

Sunday, January, 7 2018    

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — “Gaming disorder” will be recognised as a disease later this year, following expert consensus over the addictive risks associated with playing electronic games, the World Health Organization said Friday. Read More

Join the 10% who keep new year resolutions

Sunday, December, 31 2017    

FOR most of us, a new year is just that — new — and therein lies the catch. In a world dictated by time and change, any chance to pick a point and move forward is useful for us to build focus, set targets, and resolve. Read More

Five resolutions for healthy teeth

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, December, 31 2017    

WE all make new year resolutions, but many of us are not likely to follow through. Turning over a new leaf in the new year can be tricky, but finding a way to stick with it is important when that new leaf benefits your health. Read More

Can e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

Sunday, December, 31 2017    

AS e-cigarettes become more popular, fewer people are taking up smoking traditional cigarettes. But can e-cigarettes — an electronic nicotine delivery system — help people quit smoking altogether? Read More

17 ways to eat healthy this Christmas

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, December, 24 2017    

CHRISTMAS festivities often come with foods high in calories and in great portions, especially at family dinners and Christmas parties. Researchers have found that people who have weight issues, even those who have successfully lost and maintained, often experience a gain of seven to 10... Read More

Couple up for long-term happiness

Sunday, December, 24 2017    

BEING married has a lifelong effect on how content people are. Read More

12 Months 24 Dares Wellness 2018

Sunday, December, 24 2017    

DO you find yourself honestly wanting to make healthier wellness choices, but life just gets in the way? Any of the following sound familiar:“I'm so busy. Work/school/the kids take up most of my time!” Read More


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