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No more!

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, November, 10 2019    

IT has been said that, in embracing a healthier lifestyle with lower calories and more nutritious foods, your mindset is key to success and maintenance. Read More

Modern look at ancient book

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, November, 10 2019    


Dengue spread by sex?

Sunday, November, 10 2019    

MADRID, Spain (AFP) — Spanish health authorities confirmed Friday a case of a man spreading dengue through sex, a world first for a virus which, until recently, was thought to be transmitted only by mosquitoes. Read More

Metal-free fillings vs metal fillings

Sunday, November, 10 2019    

LEARNING that you have tooth decay can be upsetting, but you're not the only one getting this news at the dentist's office. Read More

Anxiety and your health: Money

Sunday, November, 3 2019    

“Wisdom is for a protection, just as money is for a protection…” (Ecclesiastes 7:12).  WORLDWIDE, more than one billion people live on less than a US dollar a day. What is more, countries suffer from hyper-inflation. Read More

Milk debate rages on

BY DR WENDY-GAYE THOMAS | Sunday, November, 3 2019    

MILK has been enjoyed throughout the world for thousands of years; it's a nutrient-rich fluid that female mammals produce to feed their young. Read More

Say no to cravings

Sunday, October, 27 2019    

CRAVINGS are the scourge of the weight loss dieter — aggressively present, attention-seeking, whether night or day, disrupting your peace of mind, health and weight goals. What are cravings? Read More

Can Africa end the curse of sleeping sickness?

Sunday, October, 27 2019    

BOUAKE, Ivory Coast (AFP) — Once the bane of sub-Saharan Africa, sleeping sickness is agonisingly close to being wiped out, but only if countries — and donors — keep up their guard, say scientists. Read More

Caring for your mouth during cancer treatment

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

DENTAL care may be the last thing on a cancer patient's mind, but chemotherapy and radiation treatments often have side effects that manifest in the mouth. Read More

Anxiety and your health: Family

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, October, 27 2019    

WHILE anxiety affects health, not all anxiety is bad.An exam, a job interview, a performance, or even an excursion may occasion anxiety. In fact, in the face of harm, a rush of adrenaline creates a fight or flight mode that may save our lives. Read More

Dental implants

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, October, 20 2019    

PICK up most magazines or newspapers these days, and you're likely to see an ad about dental implants. Read More

Make every day healthy, natural foods your superfoods

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, October, 20 2019    

MOST healthy, natural foods — especially plant-based foods — are in one way or another, superfoods. Read More

Anxiety and your health: Danger

BY WARRICK LATTIBEAUDIERE | Sunday, October, 20 2019    

KING David asked: “How long will I have anxious concern, with grief in my heart each day?” (Psalm 13:2).  Read More

'Consider your options'

Sunday, October, 20 2019    

A local oncologist is advising women and men afflicted with breast cancer not to limit their options when considering treatment for the dreaded disease. Read More

Heart Foundation of Jamaica helps homeless in St Thomas

Monday, October, 14 2019    

WORLD Homeless Day was recognised on October 10, and in an effort to help the homeless access screening services, the Heart Foundation of Jamaica partnered with the St Thomas Municipal Corporation for a health fair at the corporation's infirmary. Services like blood pressure checks and blood... Read More


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