Scientists jump hurdle in HIV vaccine design

Sunday, May, 28 2017    

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have made another important advance in HIV vaccine design.The development was possible thanks to previous studies at TSRI showing the structures of a protein on HIV's surface called the... Read More

Mouse sperm survives in space, but could human babies?

Sunday, May, 28 2017    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — Freeze-dried mouse sperm that spent nine months in space has been used to produce healthy rodent offspring back on Earth, Japanese researchers said last week.But could the same hold true for humans? And if... Read More

What's known and not known about marijuana

Sunday, May, 28 2017    

NEW YORK, United States (AP) — A new marijuana study joins a limited record of scientific knowledge about the harms and benefits of pot.The research, published last week, is the first rigorous test of a marijuana compound in treating a... Read More

Photo: KPH donation

Sunday, May, 28 2017    

The Kingston Public Hospital and Victoria Jubilee Hospital Restoration Trust donated a cheque valued at $260,188.21 to assist with the hospitals' Labour Day projects. From left are: Dr Natalie Whylie, senior medical officer, KPH; Errol Greene, CEO, KPH/ VJH; Dr Lloyd Cole, founder KPH/... Read More

Cannabis extract cuts seizures for epilepsy patients — study

Sunday, May, 28 2017    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — The first large-scale clinical trial of a cannabis derivative known as cannabidiol shows it was able to cut the frequency of severe epileptic seizures by 39 per cent, researchers said last Wednesday.Cannabidiol... Read More

Most countries still not prepared for a pandemic after Zika, Ebola

Saturday, May, 27 2017    

GENEVA, Switzerland (CMC) — Despite progress made since the Zika and Ebola crises, a new report released on Thursday by the International Working Group on Financing Preparedness (IWG), established by the World Bank, shows that most countries are not adequately prepared for... Read More

The real cause of obesity

BY PATRICIA THOMPSON | Sunday, May, 21 2017    

CASE study: Maria presented with obesity at six years old being 21 pounds over ideal weight for age. Yet she seemed to be eating 'healthy food'.Her mother ensured a 'balanced' breakfast before school, she carried cooked lunch from home to avoid... Read More

Less than 10% of pregnant women seek care in third trimester

Sunday, May, 21 2017    

In 2015 and 2016, only 8.4 per cent of pregnant women accessed the public health system for prenatal care during the third trimester of their pregnancy, which Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said is a major challenge.The minister says his... Read More

How to prevent hammer toes

Angela Davis | Sunday, May, 21 2017    

Most Jamaicans spend a lot of time in open-toed shoes. We are very aware of the appearance of our feet and how attractive they look, however hammer toes can spoil that and cause pain and discomfort. Hammer toe deformity is one... Read More

A different type of heart attack that affects mostly women

Sunday, May, 21 2017    

Not all heart attacks are created equal, especially when they happen in women. In addition to often experiencing different warning signs of heart attack, women also are more likely to have a sudden tearing in the walls of the arteries that bring blood to the heart muscles. This... Read More

A guide to flossing your teeth

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, May, 21 2017    

Brushing your teeth is not enough to maintain good oral health over time. Flossing should be a regular part of your oral hygiene routine as well.Cleaning the spaces between your teeth and along your gums with dental floss is as... Read More

Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre to host 5K run

Sunday, May, 21 2017    

The Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre (SJGRC) will be hosting its second annual 5K Run/Walk/Ride event on May 27, 2017 starting at 6:00 am. The proceeds are in aid of spinal cord treatment at the hospital.SJGRC is one of five specialist... Read More

Life expectancy for people with HIV increases — study

Sunday, May, 21 2017    

Life expectancy of 20-year-olds starting treatment for HIV has increased by around a decade in the EU and North America since the introduction of antiretroviral therapy in the mid-1990s, according to a study published in The Lancet... Read More

Eating more fruits, vegetables may lower risk of PAD

Sunday, May, 21 2017    

Eating three or more servings of fruit and vegetables per day may lower your risk of developing peripheral artery disease (PAD), according to new research in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology , an American Heart Association... Read More

How coffee benefits the skin

with Michelle Vernon | Sunday, May, 21 2017    

I know we have been told that, in some cases, coffee is detrimental to the skin, but there are a few reasons we should not overlook this ingredient or completely rule it out of our skincare regimen.Besides getting your daily dose of caffeine in... Read More


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