For stomach cancer,

Sunday, June, 16 2019    

DIJON, France (AFP) — “Classic chemotherapy was awful... but with this treatment, I feel hope,” says French pensioner Jacques Braud, who is undergoing treatment for stomach cancer with a new form of therapy dispersed by aerosol. Read More

You can fight sarcopenia, but will you?

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, June, 16 2019    

MOST of us hope to work towards a better life as we get older — finish school, begin working, thrive and save for retirement in our thirties, forties and fifties, then retiring and enjoying the fruits of our labour in our sixties, seventies, eighties, and perhaps... Read More

What is Alveoplasty?

Sunday, June, 16 2019    

ALVEOPLASTY is the process of surgically recontouring and modifying the jawbone ridge — usually after tooth extraction — to enhance the healing process and prepare the jawbone for subsequent dental restoration procedures, such as the placement of dentures. Read More

Six fingers per hand

Sunday, June, 16 2019    

POLYDACTYLY is the extraordinary condition of someone being born with more than five fingers or toes. Read More


Sunday, June, 16 2019    

MEASLES is a childhood infection caused by a virus. Once quite common, measles can now almost always be prevented with a vaccine. Read More

Scenes from Relay For Life

Sunday, June, 9 2019    

People turned out in droves on June 1 to participate in the Jamaica Cancer Society's Relay for Life 2019 fund-raiser at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Walkers and runners attending the annual event competed against each other to raise the most money and also to... Read More

More on the blood type diet

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

THE idea that one's blood type is a factor in the kind of diet that will make them trimmer and healthier, or not, was created by a naturopath named Dr Peter J D'Adamo. Read More

Brush your teeth, postpone Alzheimer's

Sunday, June, 9 2019    

YOU don't only avoid holes in your teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene.Researchers at the University of Bergen have discovered a clear connection between gum disease and Alzheimer's disease, a recent release has said. Read More

Food safety tips for the summer

By Dr Wendy-Gaye Thomas | Sunday, June, 9 2019    

JAMAICANS really don't need to wait for summer to have a party or gathering, but the season is here and the party temperature is definitely rising — along with the sizzling heat, of course. Read More

Growing up high

Sunday, June, 2 2019    

ABOUT one in five Canadian adolescents uses cannabis (19 per cent of Canadians aged 15-19), and its recent legalisation across the country warrants investigation into the consequence of this use on the developing brain. Read More

Foods known to help fight depression

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, June, 2 2019    

WITH all the Mental Health Month activities — from celebrities talking about their own challenges to talk shows discussing related issues — there is definitely increased awareness. Unfortunately, it is likely that a very large part of the combined 25 per cent of people... Read More

Looking for signs of osteoporosis?

by Dr Sharon Robinson | Sunday, June, 2 2019    

YOUR dentist may be the first health professional to suspect you have osteoporosis and refer you to a physician. Read More

World's tiniest newborn weighed as much as apple

Sunday, June, 2 2019    

SAN DIEGO, United States (AP) — When she was born, the baby girl weighed about the same as an apple. Read More

Germs: Always lurking

Sunday, May, 26 2019    

THE average household hosts millions of germs, which are tiny organisms that can cause infection and disease. Read More

Is your job bad for your teeth? Find out...

Sunday, May, 26 2019    

WHEN you think of risk factors for poor dental health, what comes to mind?Not brushing enough, eating too much candy and avoiding the dentist might be on your list. Here's another one to add: Your job. Read More


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