Burnout of health care professionals

Derrick Aarons | Sunday, March, 4 2018    

The 'burnout' of health-care providers exists in many countries of the world, but poses a greater risk for patients in lower and middle-income countries like Jamaica, where there is a severe shortage of staff to provide the required health-care needs of the... Read More

Getting rid of spider veins

Sunday, March, 4 2018    

SPIDER veins, also called telangiectasias, are clusters of tiny blood vessels that develop close to the surface of the skin. They are often red, blue, or purple, and they have the appearance of a spider web. They are commonly found on legs. Read More

Higher waist, hip measures may add up to greater risk for heart attack

Sunday, March, 4 2018    

HIGHER waist and hip sizes are more strongly associated with heart attack risk than overall obesity, especially among women, according to research in Journal of the American Heart Association , the open access journal of the American Heart Association... Read More

How to beat emotional and binge eating

BY FITZ-GEORGE RATTRAY | Sunday, February, 25 2018    

 IF you or anyone you know had a problem keeping their weight down, then you are aware of eating issues, but probably do not understand the desires and feelings to eat. So, what are comfort, social and binge eating, and how does one handle them? Read More

More patients seeking help at health centres

Sunday, February, 25 2018    

MORE patients are now turning to health centres for medical attention. In fact, according to Sancia Templer, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, there has been a 41 per cent increase in the number of patients attending health centres across the island, with an approximate 20... Read More

Mexican man, once the world's fattest, dreams of walking again

Sunday, February, 25 2018    

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (AFP) — The folds of flesh on Juan Pedro Franco's back sway heavily as he cranks the pedals of a modified bicycle with his arms, exercising to boost his already jaw-dropping weight-loss total of 250 kilos (550 pounds). Read More

Surgeons remove 'heaviest recorded' brain tumour

Sunday, February, 25 2018    

MUMBAI, India (AFP) — Indian surgeons who removed a massive brain tumour in a marathon seven-hour procedure said last Thursday it could be the heaviest ever recorded. Read More

Indian state offers free breast implants to poor women

Sunday, February, 25 2018    

NEW DELHI, India (AFP) — Thousands of poor women in India's Tamil Nadu state have been offered free cosmetic breast surgery, including implants, its health minister said last Friday, because “poor people also have a right to look beautiful”. Read More

Lessons learnt from saying no to sugar

BY JO-HANNA TAYLOR | Sunday, February, 25 2018    

WE asked our subscribers as well as Jamaica to say no to sugar for the month of February. How did you do? Read More

Heart health: Understanding your risks

BY STACY ANN DELEVANTE | Sunday, February, 25 2018    

THE Heart Foundation of Jamaica (HFJ) is imploring Jamaicans to be vigilant about their heart health and aware of the indicators that may point to the development or existence of cardiac conditions. Read More

Eating disorders: figure skating's 'dirty little secret'

Sunday, February, 25 2018    

GANGNEUNG, South Korea (AFP) — Four years ago, Russia's Yulia Lipnitskaya had the world at her 15-year-old feet, before the ground crumbled beneath them. Read More

Fasting while dieting

Sunday, February, 18 2018    

AS we are in the period of Lent, many of us who have been working on shedding the extra pounds are looking at a potential disruption in our well-crafted meal routines — fasting. But does fasting really have to take our wellness plans off course? Read More

Transgender women can breastfeed, first case study shows

Sunday, February, 18 2018    

MIAMI, United States (AFP) — The first scientific case study has been published describing how a US transgender woman was able to breastfeed her adopted infant by taking hormones that induce lactation. Read More

Climb stairs to lower blood pressure

Sunday, February, 18 2018    

IF you don't have the time or money for aerobic and resistance training, why not try climbing the stairs? Read More

Novel drug delivery system with potential to reduce rates of HIV announced

Sunday, February, 18 2018    

A UK university is playing a central role in an international consortium that has announced the development of a patch delivery system which will lower the chances of infection for those at very high risk of HIV. Read More


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