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Jamaica 2012

TEENage is at the swansong of our Jamaica 50 commemorations and on this, the first day of 2013, we look at some of the most memorable events of our 5 ...
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Jamaica 2011

1. The boxing series Contender debuts in January and is an immediate hit. The show single-handedly revitalised the sport of boxing in Jamaica. 2. ...
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Let us Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our Great Nation!

As Jamaica celebrates our 50 years of independence during 2012 there is a tremendous sense of pride.

Jamaica is renowned for our beauty, food, athletes, music and more. No doubt Jamaica still has much to do to live up to the potential of our beautiful land but this is contrasted by the indelible mark we have left on the world.

During this year, Jamaica Observer will be celebrating this important milestone both in print and online. We invite you to share this journey with us.


See what others are saying and share with us what it means to you to be celebrating and being a part of Jamaica 50th Anniversary of Independence.