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$2.5m, 500 rounds of ammo seized in gun for drugs bust

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

CLARENDON, Jamaica — The Clarendon police say they have made a “massive bust" in the guns for drugs trade after seizing $2.5 million and over 500 assorted rounds of ammunition.

According to reports, the bust was made during an operation on Sharp Avenue in the parish. Four men including three Haitians and a Jamaican were taken into custody.

Reports are that between the hours of 5:00 pm yesterday and 1:00 am today, a search was conducted at a premises during which 547 assorted rounds of ammunition was seized:
• Two hundred and nine (209) .45 cartridges
• One hundred and one (101) .40 cartridges
• Two hundred and thirty (230) 9mm cartridges
• Seven 10 calibre cartridges

The police said the operation continued at a premises on Hazard Drive in the parish where J$1.823 million, US$ 401 and five Canadian dollars were found.

The identities of the four men in custody are being withheld at this time.