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Caricom to launch partnership to fast-track Single ICT space — Grenada PM

Thursday, July 05, 2018

ST JAMES, Jamaica — Former Chairman of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), Dr Keith Mitchell, says Caricom is soon to launch a multi-stakeholder partnership to fast-track specific elements of the Single ICT space.

“I must say at this juncture that Caricom has indeed taken bold steps in developing the work plan for the Caricom Single ICT space. In a few months, we will be launching a multi-stakeholder partnership to fast- track specific elements of the Single ICP space,” disclosed Mitchell.

“Our steps in fully implementing this must continue to be clear, even while we push the proverbial technological envelope, so to speak, in routing out and connecting other programmes and policies to transform the community. Our people must be made to feel Caricom.”

According to the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), the objective of the Caricom Single ICT space is “to provide the ICT-enabled foundation for enhancing both Caricom's functional cooperation and fulfilling the social, cultural and economic imperatives of the region.

“This means that it will be seen as “an ICT-enabled borderless space that fosters economic, social and cultural integration for the betterment of Caribbean citizens.”

As a means of achieving this, regionally harmonised ICT policy; legal and regulatory regimes; robust national and regional broadband infrastructure; common frameworks for Governments, ICT service providers and consumers, among other things, must be achieved.

Mitchell, who is also the Prime Minister of Grenada, further stressed that technology impacts every aspect of life.

“We as heads therefore have to be the ones to place ICT at the heart of what we want to accomplish in this region,” he said.

Anthony Lewis