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Correction and clarification

Friday, June 15, 2018

In our online publication of February 8, 2018 we published an article in relation to the trial of Mr Michael McLean entitled "Accused in murder of St Thomas six goes on foul-mouthed rant".

We incorrectly included in the said article Mrs Carolyn Reid Cameron as being one of Mr McLean's previous attorneys-at-law who was fired by him. We did so based on information available to us at the time.

We have since been advised by Mrs Carolyn Reid Cameron, through her attorney-at-law, that at no point did she appear as counsel for Mr McLean in relation to this murder trial or in relation to any other legal matter Mr McLean may have had in the past.

We have since deleted all reference to Mrs Carolyn Reid Cameron from the said article.

We accordingly unreservedly apologise to Mrs Carolyn Reid Cameron for any professional embarrassment or inconvenience caused by our said publication."