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Eleven including five Costa Ricans charged for ganja

Friday, February 09, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Detectives assigned to the Narcotics Division today charged eleven people including five Costa Ricans under the dangerous drugs act.

Charged with possession of ganja, dealing in ganja and taking steps preparatory to export ganja are:

1) 22-year-old Khalil Rowe, mason of Malvern, St Elizabeth

2) 53-year-old Conroy Peru, farmer of Junction, St Elizabeth

3) 37-year-old Randy Smith, farmer of Lacovia, St Elizabeth

4) 49-year-old Peter Thomas, farmer of Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth

5) 21-year-old Fritardo James, mason of Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth

6) 30-old Ricardo Farquharson, chef of Glen Isle, Westmoreland

7) 33-year-old Kiara Watson, of San Jose, Costa Rica

8) 27-year-old Miguel Garita construction worker of Los Cocos, Costa Rica

9) 34-year-old Jose Arias, fisherman of Los Cocos, Limon 200, Costa Rica

10) 26-year-old Edson Ariel, fisherman of Los Cocos Limon, Costa Rica

11) 25-year-old Jefferson Matarrita Rojos, fisherman of Limon Peueblo Nuevo, Costa Rica.

Reports are that about 11:00 am, Tuesday, February 6, lawmen were conducting operations in Sweet River district, Savanna-la-Mar when they approached the men at a makeshift shed in bushes where they were in the process of compressing and packaging the drug.

The drug weighed approximately 1,000 pounds with an estimated street value of J$4 million.

Garita, Arias, Ariel and Rojos were charged with an additional offence of illegal entry.

They are scheduled to appear before the Westmoreland Parish Court next Friday.