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Jamaica metaphorized in German politics

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaica has seemingly become a central metaphorical figure in German politics, as many Jamaican symbols including the flag have dominated German Journalistic post coverage of the general election recently held.

The symbols, which have also abound on social media, shows the slow and problematic challenges faced by the Angela Merkel led coalition.

As more than one month after general elections, Germany is still stuck in the middle of negotiations among the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with its Bavarian sister party CSU, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens party.

The colours that represent the four parties are green, black, yellow and blue, which resulted in Jamaica's gold, green and black flag appearing on front pages in Germany on a regular basis now, while activists everywhere around Berlin are carrying balloons with the same colours.

According to the Washington Post, this sudden German fascination with the land of the Rastafarians has more to do with editors searching for interesting front pages and article art in the midst of stultifying governing coalition talks than a Teutonic tilt toward the Caribbean.

It added that the tortuous process of hammering out a coalition can last anywhere from days to months, even though German Chancellor Angela Merkel has only one option for a possible government given that the Social Democrats have ruled out cooperating with her party again.

The post further noted that journalists, cartoonists and politicians themselves have decided to take the Jamaica references literally and compete for the most creative interpretation.

Despite the challenges facing the talks, a number of nongovernmental organisations and associations, not to mention plenty of people on social media, have given their approval to the “Jamaica” option.

“Jamaica offers significant chances despite all difficulties,” Mario Ohoven, president of Germany's Mittelstand economic association, was quoted as saying by the Washington Post.