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NCU launches nutraceutical product Zon Teasan

Sunday, June 23, 2019

MANCHESTER, Jamaica — Northern Caribbean University (NCU) says it will on Monday, June 24, host the launch of Jamaica's newest nutraceutical product, Zon Teasan, which has been made possible by initial laboratory investigation by the institution's scientists on a ginger-like plant.

According to NCU, the launch of the nutrient-packed Teasan will take place during the institution's 20th Anniversary Charter Day ceremony that will be held at the NCU Mandeville campus.

The event is a collaboration between ZON International Holdings Limited and NCU, the institution said.

Starting at 12 noon, guests will have the opportunity to tour an information village and be informed about research activities at NCU, the potential health benefits of Zon Teasan and nutraceuticals as well as the patenting process. Assisted by the initial research by NCU, ZON International Holdings has received patents for a derivative of the plant, the McGhie Jamaican Cinnamon Ginger, in the United States, Canada and 27 countries in Europe, NCU said in a statement.

“We at NCU feel a sense of satisfaction to know that we have contributed to the development of a product that promises to be beneficial to the consumer's health,” declared Professor Vincent Wright, dean of the College of Natural & Applied Sciences, Allied Health and Nursing at NCU.

He added that it is a proud moment for the institution and the team of researchers who were involved in the authentication process of the special strain of ginger plant. The research team included Professor Wright, Professor Samson Omoregie, Dr Kacey Reid and Lemure Jones.