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NWC taking legal action against customers, considers seizure of property

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The National Water Commission (NWC) says it is now in the process of finalising arrangements to take legal action against customers who owe the utility company unpaid sums for water and sewerage services.

The commission noted that the seizure of property is one such action that will be taken by the entity.

In a press release today, the NWC said, “Delinquent customers are therefore being warned to make arrangements to settle their outstanding debt obligations because the NWC is empowered under the law to seize the property of those who are in arrears as a means to recover revenue that is owed in accordance with Section 21(3) of the National Water Commission Act.”

Since December last year, the NWC has embarked on a massive dis-connection drive as it seeks to deal effectively with the issue of chronic delinquency among some members of its customer base.

The commission said over 3,000 disconnections were carried out in all parishes in several communities.

Noting that while several customers have heeded the call to make arrangements to settle their obligations, the NWC said there are still too many customers who refuse to take responsibility for their debt and this irresponsible behaviour is a threat to the financial viability of the enterprise.

“It is against this background why the NWC will not only be continuing with its disconnection drive, but it will also be taking legal action to make persons pay their bills,” the commission said.

Meanwhile, the NWC noted that disconnection has been ramped up and several communities in various parishes have been targeted for disconnection for this week.

The water service provider further reminded customers who are indebted to the entity that if they are having challenges, a payment plan can be worked out with the company.

Just under $3 billion remains outstanding to be collected from delinquent customers, the company said.