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O-Wrap: Cable to link DomRep to Jamaica… Omar Collymore captured… suspect in St Thomas murder nabbed

Thursday, February 08, 2018

In case you missed it, here are OBSERVER ONLINE's top 10 stories for today:

1. Omar Collymore captured in St Elizabeth

Police in St Elizabeth have reportedly captured a man believed to be Omar Collymore, the accused co-conspirator in the murder of his wife Simone Campbell-Collymore and Winston Watson, a source close to the family informed OBSERVER ONLINE this morning.

2. Accused in murder of St Thomas six goes on foul-mouthed rant

Justice Bertram Morrison this morning adjourned the trial of Michael McLean for him to reconsider his decision to fire his attorney after telling the lawyer “to go and f*** himself”.

3. Suspect in custody for murder of elderly St Thomas couple

The St Thomas police have arrested a suspect in relation to the double murder of an elderly couple in the parish on Tuesday, January 9.

4. UK 'disappointed' at Bermuda's same-sex marriage ban

The UK government expressed disappointment Thursday that Bermuda has abolished same-sex marriage, but said it would have been wrong to overturn the decision by the British island territory.

5. Cops identify man reportedly stabbed over taxi fare

The police have identified the man who was on Tuesday evening stabbed to death while travelling in a taxi along Hope Road in St Andrew, close to the Andrews Memorial Hospital.

6. St Thomas man's throat slashed, body left in car in Harbour View

A man was found with his throat slashed in a motor vehicle last night in Harbour View, St Andrew. Full story here

7. California court says baker can refuse order from gay couple

A California court has recognised a pastry chef's right to refuse to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple, as the Supreme Court debates a similar case with weighty implications.

8. Fool runnings? Jamaicans say bobsleigh movie off-track

Jamaica's men's bobsleigh team famously turned heads at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, their ballsy attempt at the white-knuckle sliding sport later immortalised by the cult film "Cool Runnings".

9. 'Bailer-man' pleads guilty to forgery

A man who reportedly stole the identity of another man in 2007 pleaded guilty to several charges when he appeared in the St Andrew Parish Court this morning.

10. Submerged cable to link DomRep to Jamaica, other islands

A two year project to lay a submerged cable of over 10,000 kilometres, connecting the Dominican Republic to several countries in the region, was unveiled on Wednesday.