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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Left for dead, we should all be ashamed

Friday, February 09, 2018

The Editor,



Everything in Jamaica seems tuned to politics these days. The case of constable Lorenzo McLeggon goes well beyond politics, it is a State matter that shows our country in the worst light. Since this patriots near fatal injury while protecting the citizens from the animals that walk upright and call themselves humans 40 plus years ago the government has changed several times.

 Governments, PNP and JLP should hang their heads in shame. The present administration should take immediate steps to provide the best medical attention that this patriot deserves. In addition, the present administration should provide this man, a decent monthly income and make it retroactive to the date of his injury.

 The picture of Constable McLeggon reposing in sub-human conditions, is disgraceful. Imagine, this man put his life on the line and all the government in whose service fell gets less than 50 cents US per day for sustenance.

 This is shameful, scandalous and disgraceful.

 Mr Prime Minister, members of the opposition, if those who rose up and declared war on the state are judged to get compensation for "collateral" damage, then Constable McLeggon deserves much more.

 Provision should be made in the budget to provide adequate assistance to all members of the forces, military as well as the police, who are injured in the line of duty.



Louis Alexander Hemans

Hyattsville, MD, USA