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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Bring back the ferry service

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Dear Editor,

I recently saw the Port Authority of Jamaica share a photograph of an old ferry boat with the caption "who would like to see this service return?”

This makes me wonder how has the Government of Jamaica made no mention of a reintroduction of this necessary service.

The Government of Jamaica, and specifically Mike Henry and Robert Montague, seem to be more obsessed with the idea of bringing back rail service to the entire island. Something which I agree is a necessary service and I would love to see it happen. However, we must creep before we can walk.

Ferry service is something which will take far less investment than reintroduction of the rail service. I propose the following routes:

- Portmore to downtown Kingston

- Portmore to Norman Manley International Airport

- Downtown Kingston to Norman Manley International Airport

- Downtown Kingston to Port Royal

Imagine if we had park-and-ride service where ferry users paid to leave their vehicles in the secured ferry terminal parking lot in Portmore, and went to work in downtown Kingston stress free. This would not only save commuters gas and time, but it would help in the revitalisation of downtown Kingston. This is not just a necessary service for commuters; this also doubles as an attraction for tourists. It will create jobs, and with the proposed development of Port Royal as a cruise ship destination, this will synch perfectly.


I urge our bigger heads to consider this. 

Markus Brown