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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Do not gamble with your life by smoking ganja

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

If we have not yet done so, we need to come to a national and international agreement that even though marijuana is already decriminalised in some countries it should only be used for medicinal purpose in its production.

We know very well that smoking is hazardous to health. Therefore, we should not gamble with our lives by smoking marijuana, if and when we cultivate it. Prevention is better than cure.

Haven't we heard this statement many times: "puss and dog don't have the same luck".

And we have heard and seen some individuals who have been mentally affected by ganja after smoking it, while many others are chain-smokers of it and it has not messed up their brains. Furthermore, some smoke marijuana and become “Mary long-tongue” by talking excessively or talking pure nonsense.

According to some experts, if ganja is legalised in Jamaica, or if it is cultivated on a large scale, it will provide vast employment for many. And many seem to be waiting for the go-ahead to cultivate it like sugar cane -- they are more willing to plant ganja than banana or ground provisions.

Donald J Mckoy