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ONLINE READERS COMMENT: There is a cure for Dengue

Friday, January 04, 2019

Dear Editor,

I have read with amazement what is coming out on this dengue outbreak, that there is no specific treatment. That is so erroneous.

There is one natural treatment I know for this – quinine.

Quinine has been a treatment used in Africa, South America, Europe (and elsewhere) for centuries for malaria until it was banned (this ban has caused millions of people to die in Africa over the years from malaria) and can now only be had via a prescription – even that is under treat. Quinine is a natural product derived from the bark of the cinchona plant, which can be found in parts of Jamaica (our Cinchona Gardens was named for it).

Quinine surprisingly can be used to treat most mosquito borne diseases. I had advised all my lunch partners at my office canteen and my family to use tonic water the only non-prescription source available with quinine during the Chic-V outbreak – no one that used it contracted the Chic-V. Hence, I have decided to widen the information as dengue is far more deadly that Chic-V.

To support my position there was a publication in the US National Library of Medicine's National Institute of Health (NIH) in August 2018 that support quinine for the treatment of Dengue. There are several other well documented publications.

There is one caution, tonic water is high in sugar so diabetics should be mindful (note: the effect of the high sugar can be ameliorated with cerassee or guava leaves).

So take one bottle (certainly no more than two) of tonic water per day and there will be no need to worry about this year's dengue fever. If you are a drinking person switch to gin and tonic, a lovely drink that saved many European lives during their malaria outbreaks centuries ago.

Finally, if anyone contracts dengue they need to up their vitamin K1 to minimise (eliminate really) the bleeding if it should become hemorrhagic.

George Scarlett

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