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SSP Gary McKenzie heading replacement unit for Mobile Reserve

Friday, November 08, 2019

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Senior Superintendent of Police Gary McKenzie has been appointed to head the new unit which has replaced the Mobile Reserve.

In May, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson announced that the controversy plagued Mobile Reserve would be shut down following a shooting incident in Spanish Town, St Catherine involving three of its members, which left three men, including a policeman, dead.

Yesterday, Anderson told journalist that the unit was officially shut down on August 12 and replaced by what has been dubbed the Specialised Operations Unit.

“There were a number of transfers out, some transfers in, reorienting of the staff, changing of a lot of the management, etc,” said Anderson.

“So it is now functioning as Specialised Operations.  You saw them respond when we had the hostage operations on Molynes Road recently.  That was Specialised Operations that responded, the SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) teams.

“We have expanded our SWAT units to increase the number of persons involved in that activity and we have done a number of training [drills], not just for the persons who are there in Specialised Operations, but we did a lot of training for the people who were  leaving Mobile Reserve to go to other places,” added Anderson.

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