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Troupe suspension breaches due process, natural justice — PNP

Friday, February 09, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The People's National Party (PNP) says yesterday's 'kangaroo court' where members of the St James Municipal Council voted to suspend Councillor for the Granville Division, Michael Troupe for three months, was not in strict adherence to due process and natural justice.

“Yesterday's vote was highly irregular, and does not appear to have met the most basic of requirements,” the party said in a release today.

It added that while Councillor Troupe was aware of the resolution, which was tabled on January 11, neither he nor the other PNP councillors were presented with the particulars of the allegations until during the debate yesterday.

The party further argued that the move clearly breached several rules, as it would not have afforded him the opportunity to put forward a proper defence.

“At a minimum, charging and sentencing an individual, in these circumstances, is a breach of due process and the principles of natural justice; and is tantamount to an abuse of power driven by crass partisan political motives,” reiterated the PNP.

It also said it is currently in consultation to formulate an approach to this latest development.