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UTech says exams will not be postponed despite strike

Friday, November 08, 2019

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The University of Technology (UTech) Jamaica says exams will not be postponed following the near two-week suspension of classes due to a strike by the academic staff.

The Students' Union met with members of the university's management team, including President Professor Stephen Vasciannie, on the school's campus on Wednesday which was the first full day that classes were resumed after the 11-day strike.

The Students' Union Council said it was informed of the following decisions on Wednesday afternoon:

  1. Examinations — Only materials that were taught and can possibly be taught will be tested on the examination scripts. As it relates to lab classes there will be make up classes held to cover this content.
  2. Semester Schedule Adjustment — There will not be an extension in the semester, as well as the preparatory period (study break) will remain as is.
  3. Class Content— All class related materials will be forwarded using, but not limited to online platforms such as Utech Online (Moodle).
  4. Assessment Schedule — Dates of all due assignments that were affected by the industrial action will be pushed back. The new due date will be decided on a case by case basis.
  5. International Students Concern — Special consideration will be made to those students regarding booked flights.
  6. Semester 2 Fee Adjustments — The Enrolment Commitment Fee will be reduced from $28,000 starting next semester.