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VOX POP: Jamaicans weigh in on economy, crime fighting for new year

By Kimone Edwards
Online reporter

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

What economic initiatives or crime fighting measures would you like to see the government implement in 2019?

The winding down of 2018 left many Jamaicans insecure and uncertain of events in 2019. Many are hopeful that this year will be better for the country if certain measures are put in place to prevent and discontinue the corruption and crime mishaps of 2018 .

OBSERVER ONLINE asked: “What economic initiatives or crime fighting measures would you like to see the government implement in 2019?”

These were the responses:

Rodger Daley:

The first thing I think they should do to fight crime is to get rid of the bad weed out of the force [JCF]. And after they do that they can pressure the thing in terms of whoever commits any form of crime they really should not just pat them on them shoulder and let them out, their penalty should be really rash so that they can send a message to who plans to do the same thing. In other words, 10 years or over hard labour and lashing, since they are not hanging people again. Lash them because a lot of people who do crime say 'mi alright mi can go back a prison' an 'mi nuh fraid a prison because prison is like a foreign now.' But if dem do di penalty hard and lash dem in an out dem [criminals] we more conscious in what dem doing.

We need more job opportunity for young people because individuals like young lawyers, young doctors, ordinary people leaving school, college etc and can't get any work. And even if they get a work what they are paying them can't finance the system. So most of them affi go overseas to make a proper living.

Desmond Burrell:

With the crime fighting, I just think they can deploy more police officers because I see a lot of young officers joining the force so deploy them more, for instance put them at every single stoplight. Just employ a new method, just try something else.

Dwayne Gardener:

Well mek di youth dem get some work, build up some whole heap a factory. See we a get whole heap a development like new road weh a work fi di people dem. Only thing we want a more cash. Di youth dem wah work.

Lisa Henry:

For 2019 in order for the government to improve the crime [problem] I believe that they have to come together with the church, because the answer is not in putting in certain physical measures. I believe that what is happening in our country is something that is really spiritual. So I believe that the government [should] come together with the church so they can together deal with the issue of crime and our economy.

Also, government officials need to stop stealing the resources, stop selling the resources of our country and stop pocketing the money for themselves. We the people of Jamaica, we are the ones that must enjoy the good of the land, it's ours and that's what the word of God says.

Lloyd Mills:

Di government need fi gi di youth dem some more work. How dem can get more money inna di economy, dem fi stop rob di money cause see it deh dem tief $4 billion out a petrojam last year so mi nuh know if dem ago tief 10 billion dis year. So if dem easy pan di tiefing and the corruption thing it can better.

Wendy Barnett:

Everybody looking on the government fi stop crime, how the government going stop it when we the parents a wash di blood up clothes an a go fi di pickney dem when dem inna prison. We weself affi stop it, government can't stop it.

 With di economy mi would a like fi him create more jobs fi di young people dem, that when dem leave school dem go straight in a job. Every year you have a set a children, dem a leave school, yuh give dem a six months, yuh have somewhere weh dem go fi six months an if dem nuh do good, well dem deh pon dem own. Mi believe seh that will kind a change di economy. But fi di crime, di government can't stop it, we di people affi stop it we self cause nuff a we know say we pickney a kill people an we siddung an laugh but when it reach our doorstep that's the time we stand up.”

Fermando Morris (ex-police officer):

Most of the crimes, gang related, are escorted by ex-police, ex-soldiers and stuff like that. First of all we need to find something to do with these people who are out of the system, have all the experience and really have nothing to do. So that is the number one thing that we have to address. What do you do with these people who have all the skills, all the talent, know  everything about guns, and they don't have a job, what do you do with them? So that is something that the government need to look into, desperately.

In terms of economic, we need to provide more jobs. That is a must.  I notice a lot of call centres  are opening now which is a plus but just take it a notch further look at all  that is needed and just increase on it.

Dahlia Mckenzie:

For 2019 we want to see upliftment and motivation and we want to see the crime cut down because the crime mashing up the country and mashing up the tourist industry and all of that, we want to see new job creation.

Winston Smith:

[The government] affi clean up inna di police force and all the little community dem, the little garrison dem weh di youth dem sit down pon corner and nah do nothing, try find some skill, build some factory mek a man go learn fi build a bike, a bicycle or something, because a di free mentality an di idleness cause crime. A improvement dat so you have a better country.

An the politician dem weh a go in a the community an a hands out to di youths dem, unoo fi stop it, give di youths some trade, send di youths dem go a school, build up some community centre  that the youth them can learn some skill. Den we have a better country.


Winston Burchell: 

Government fi come roun and look fi the poor people dem weh nuh have things, weh a sleep on the streets, the homeless people dem, people weh nah work, who have education an who nuh have it. Go to dem house and check pon dem an see who want things inna dem house cause [re]member ano everybody in Jamaica have education, so dem affi can go roun an see who nuh have it so dem can go talk to them an help out some a them, give dem little jobs fi do, who can't even read. Jamaica is a sufferation country, till everybody a fight fi dem self fi have things. You can't walk an beg cause if yuh beg people ago disrespect you an treat yuh some way.

Crime fighting now, dem affi talk to the youths dem an di police dem fi deal wid an talk to di youths dem better. Is how yuh treat people, dat a one a the reasons why crime big to cause nuh man nah tek nuh talk.