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Tear down the spirit of 'Anancyism'

Tuesday, July 24, 2012    

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Dear Editor,

To Jamaicans 'Anancy' is just a character in our African folklore. We imagine a little spider who loves to "ginnal" the other animals such as 'Brer Tacuma', 'Brer Tiger' or 'Brer Snake'.

What Jamaicans do not realise is that Anancy is no longer a mere spider that fills the corners of our houses, but has grown into a gigantic insect that has woven webs of deception, greed, corruption, murders, lies, and more over our country Jamaica.

Anancy's "ginnalship" now pervades the society. Things are not done in Jamaica unless a little ginnalship goes on — a backdoor driver's licence, a palm squeezed to hasten paperwork. Some security guards who are paid to protect premises are themselves the thieves, and some supermarket/store workers under-swipe goods for their friends.

Police are either directly involved in corruption or are turning a blind eye to serious crimes committed by friends or colleagues. Politicians practice nepotism, corruption and misuse of taxpayers 'money; lawyers fleece their own clients; hypocrites parade as paragons of virtue, yet secretly are seducers and paedophiles.

Preachers parade themselves as God's servants yet are aligned to the occult and are also involved in corrupt and criminal activities. Teachers fail to teach within the time allotted, yet collect for extra lessons and compete with vendors at the school gate.

Taxi men and bus drivers prey on gullible and vulnerable school girls and business persons practice price gouging.

We have failed to see the large webs being spun and have, like the fly, accepted its invitation to come into its parlour of deceit. Those who, however, refuse to be a part of the 'Anancyism' will always find themselves being shafted.

To our church leaders and Christian community we must begin to tear down this prince of demons over Jamaica called 'Anancyism'. Let us reduce this demonic spirit back to the story books of African folklore and rid ourselves of its deadly poison and webs.

This is an appeal to all true Christians, people of faith, prayer warriors, and intercessors to rise up and use your God-given authority to take back Jamaica for God.

Dionne Dennis




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