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Where is the black man?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012    

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A few days ago, history was made. China placed its first woman in space. This remarkable feat was accomplished by a country that was the world's laughing stock just a few decades ago. With regard to feats like these, I cannot help but ask: "Where is the black man?"

Also, another first for the history books was the recent launching of the world's first space vehicle built by a commercial entity. A private company in the United States built the spaceship. It successfully docked with the international space station - carrying relief supplies. Another great feat, but I have to ask: "Where is the black man?"

Recently, in Great Britain, an operation was done at the Oxford Eye and the King's College hospitals in London. That operation resulted in two blind men having their sight partially restored, thanks to newly developed advanced technology. With innovations like these, I have to ask: "Where is the black man?"

Despite their problems, the peoples of Western Europe, North America, Australia and China, among others, have made themselves great, powerful and very advanced. Though China is growing rapidly, the nations of Western Europe and North America remain the envy of the world, as evidenced by the flood of many millions to those countries seeking a better life.

But where is the powerful and advanced black country that I can point to with pride? South Africa doesn't count as it was built by apartheid. With all of these advanced countries moving forward, I have to ask: "Where is the black man?"

So where is the black man? He is not in governance or science or technology, that's for sure. But wait, I see him! He is busy providing entertainment of all sorts! He leads the world in music and sports! He is the world's leading storyteller and his preaching abilities cannot be rivalled!

Now I know where the black man is! I was looking for him in all the wrong places - you know, governance, science and technology. Whenever I want to find the black man I will look towards entertainment. That is the black man's place!

Michael A Dingwall





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