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Hopeful cameras will capture 'fast and furious' minibuses

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dear Editor,

As the Government takes steps to stem the mayhem and minimise traffic infractions across the island by installing hi-tech cameras, the call is echoed for special attention to be placed on Spanish Town Road.

The drivers of the numbers 81 and 35 buses behave as if they are auditioning for a part in the thrilling 'Fast and the Furious' franchise from the Three Miles area to downtown Kingston.

Minister of Transport and Mining Robert “Bobby” Montague, speaking at a function at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel recently, informed the gathering that there were 490 cameras installed in Kingston. Due to the unruly behaviour of the minibus drivers on the #81 and #35 routes, Spanish Town Road could use 400 of the 490 cameras to help curb the lawlessness along the thoroughfare.

Despite the road having a speed limit of 50 km/h, and has numerous schools and business establishments, the minibus drivers drive with no regards for motorist or pedestrians. They break every rule under the Road Traffic Act that one can think of. They take up and let off passengers while the bus is in motion, overload the buses, play loud and lewd music, overtake lines of traffic, run red lights, drive and smoke while carrying passengers, race with other buses, and a host of other offences. The minibus drivers, on any given day, are qualified to be given a whole book of traffic tickets for the breaches committed.

The cameras are definitely needed on Spanish Town Road, especially in light of the bridge construction and road improvement slated to end in the near future. The cameras are said to have licence plate reading technology, and are geared towards capturing information on vehicles involved in traffic offences. Far too long the anarchy is allowed to reign on Spanish Town Road with the uncontrollable minibus drivers who are a law unto themselves.


Hezekan Bolton