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JP pursues own justice

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dear Editor,

It is ironic that as a justice of the peace, having been trained in mediation and encouraged to actively participate in mediation practices to resolve issues, that I cannot reap the benefits of such practices.

I have worked at the Ministry of Agriculture, located at Hope Gardens, on a project and for almost two years now and I have been trying to get the permanent secretary of that ministry to meet with me to resolve a matter that involves what I consider to be victimisation and a breach of contract and all of my efforts have encountered brick walls and my cries for justice have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

The ministry held on to my leave payment for over a year and, after receiving that cheque, I am still not able to get a copy of the breakdown of the payment made and when the other payment benefits that are outstanding will be made.

I have exhausted all the channels that are at my disposal to get the matter resolved, but I am left to wonder if it is because I am not a member of the upper echelons of society that there is no regard being given to my request.

What is required to get justice in this country, pray tell?


Justice Camille