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Rapid test cost me my flight

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring awareness that some investigation be done.

I was travelling back to the US from Kingston and decided to have the COVID-19 test there as I was told it could be done at the airport.

I am not sure about the accuracy of this test because I was given a positive test result, 20 minutes after doing the test, with no apparent symptoms at all; no cough, fever, body aches, etc.

Also, I was given a tissue to blow my nose first, which was strange to me, and it defeats the purpose of the mucus being secreted from the nostril, which is what's being tested.

My argument is I didn't have or show any form of symptoms, so I should've been able to travel.

I am very disappointed with this rapid testing, which makes me wonder if these rapid tests are even accurate.

Needless to say, I am out US$50 for the test, over US$250 for the airline ticket, travel expense to the airport and, most importantly, I missed my flight — not only because of the so-called positive test, but the time it took to have it done that interrupted my flight.

Now I have to pay again to be tested and purchase another expensive airline ticket.

I think this is poor management that is costing innocent people unnecessary expenses.

I hope to hear from someone about this matter and how it can be resolved.