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Spreading the COVID-19 message

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dear Editor,

Contrary to popular belief, Jamaica is basically an oral society, and the most advantageous means of combating community spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic in our nation is to shift from the literacy means of communication used in reaching our citizens.

Apart from the efforts by our media houses in complementing the Ministry of Health and Wellness's advertisements with their own promotions, many in the targeted audience are outside its remit.

It is only by recruiting/employing people who will target within each division of our 63 constituencies — the route taxis and other public transportations, bars, community clubs, churches, and gatherings 'on the corner' — wherever members of the community congregate, and share the preventative protocols, that the message will come home to the hearers.

The message of compliance to preserve lives requires mass mobilisation from the ground up by a walk-through of communities, and not via regular media and press conferences.

Let us begin now with an oral approach within our communities before it is very late.


Dudley C McLean II

Mandeville, Manchester