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The 'splasher' and the 'splashed'

Friday, October 06, 2017

Dear Editor,

The disturbing practice of motorists driving without care and causing pedestrians to be splashed with water whenever it rains is largely a cause for concern in Jamaica. This is nothing more than a distasteful act of being blatantly inconsiderate.

It is extremely painful to watch when this happens as the soaked victims are often left in a state of anger and embarrassment.

After a few minutes of rainfall our roadways resemble rivers. It seems many motorists somehow forget that they are not on a speedway, but instead driving on a road surface that is covered in water. These motorists consequently splash unsuspecting pedestrians.

Recently, I was in a public passenger vehicle when an elderly woman boarded the bus, her clothes were soaked from the waist down, and she started to relay her ordeal. She explained that she was sheltering from the rain when a vehicle carelessly drove in a large body of water and splashed her. She was understandably upset as well as disturbed by the nature of the situation which could have been prevented.

Although it is easy to point the finger at motorists, pedestrians, too, are at fault in some of these instances. There are pedestrians who are cognisant of the fact that the possibility exists that they could get wet if they do stand close to pools of water, but they still do so. Therefore, instead of standing close to flooded roadways, pedestrians could seek refuge away from the water or until it has subsided.

These sad practices must be discontinued by motorists and pedestrians. All that is required is greater collaboration in which both parties remain vigilant on our roadways so that no one else has to be splashed.


Ladelle Jones