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The bigger issue: A family in distress

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Dear Editor,

The recent publication of a video in which a next-to-nude woman was mercilessly beating a child has generated a lot of discussion, and rightly so. Absolutely no child should be subject to that level of abuse from anyone. So the outrage is quite rightly justified.

However, what is surprising, disturbing and distressing to any well-thinking and rational people is the absence of a recognition of the woman's obvious breakdown mentally. This was not just a woman who was angry. She was next to naked, wearing one piece of garment. That is not normal.

And so it has been distressing to listen to the various discussion by the different “experts” — be they journalists, talk show hosts on television and radio, police personnel, psychologists, officers of the children's agencies. Not one of them has expressed a concern for the woman's welfare or her state of mind. Some people were satisfied that she is locked up.

We do have a huge problem in Jamaica with violence and abuse of our children, which starts in the home. A lot of the violence is meted out by parents. As a result, children learn to deal with their issues violently, and the cycle is perpetuated throughout their lives and from generation to generation.

Being a parent has always been stressful, more so in these times. The State has provided a few agencies to offer parenting support to those who most need it. But if an effective intervention is going to be possible a proper diagnosis and balanced approach is required.

My sympathy goes out to that child, the woman, the dog, and the family.

Indeed, divine intervention is needed to help us with all the problems of life.


Eileen Powell

Mile Gully, Manchester