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Vows - An Everlasting Love

What to do when you find the perfect partner? Marry her, of course! Read More

Wedding Vendors' Meals
You've asked and we've answered! Welcome to your weekly column 'Planning Your Happily Ever After' with wedding consultant Shikima Hinds. Her focus this week: Vendors' mealsDear Shikima:... Read More

Plump It Up with L'Oréal
Tuesday Style Dryer (TSD) is still championing glowing skin for 2021, and with that said: say hello to hyaluronic! Why? Because your fave moisturiser is simply not enough.... Read More

Rohxford, The Millinery Connoisseur
Lifestyle maven Cecile Levee is no stranger to fab hats. In fact, she's copped quite a few awards for 'Best Hat' and indeed 'Best Hattitude'. The one-time New York-based model, who knows a thing or two about making an entrance into a room and having the last word found herself [for once]...... Read More


Sunday, January, 24 2021    

Forbes magazine's banner headline reads: From Dior to Depositions: Meet Natasha Mayne, “The Vogue Attorney”. The magazine goes on to share that Mayne empowers women to “walk in their truth.” Read More

Your Investment Plan: Mutual Funds

Sunday, January, 24 2021    

A sound investment plan is an essential part of a financial strategy to enable a savvy investor to build wealth over a period of time. In today's world, the goal is not simply to get by financially, but instead to systematically generate wealth, and one way of doing this is through... Read More


Sunday, January, 24 2021    

Faithfull The Brand (FTB), a global fashion mark, caught up recently with Rock-blooded mother and daughter design trio Shevanne, Danielle and Michelle Helmer to weave together their design inspiration, Helmer Lifestyle, and their core values in philanthropy, sustainability and responsible... Read More

Voices On Silence

Sunday, January, 24 2021    

Ise Henriques Sharp is a Jamaican-American artist based in New York. Her current work explores silence as an interpersonal experience and its cultural implications. Voices on Silence is a composition of drawings and statements from family and friends on their relationship with silence. Read More

Elsa Jarrett: Pivoting, Persisting & Prevailing!

Sunday, January, 24 2021    

Tolstoy once wrote: “Women are the pivot on which everything turns!”. Proving Tolstoy not only right but also demonstrating that the notion applies to all facets of life is plant entrepreneur Elsa Jarrett. Read More

Pests: What Are You Going To Do?

Navenia Wellington Food Safety and Management System Practitioner E-mail: cinwel@yahoo.com | Thursday, January, 21 2021    

We all have had them at one time or another, in small numbers or large. Some that fly, some that run, and yet others that stand still and look at you as if you're disturbing them. Today, we will examine some of the common ones: rats, mice, cockroaches and flies. One of the most revolting... Read More

Chef Theo's Palate Pleasers

Thursday, January, 21 2021    

What to serve family this weekend? Thursday Food put Chef Theo Smith on the spot and like a true pro he served up four fairly straightforward tasty options. No excuse, therefore, to claim boredom or a lack of inspiration. Read More

On the Menu - What Are Short Ribs?

Thursday, January, 21 2021    

Tender, full of flavour, and delicious, there's nothing quite like a plate of short ribs. Whether you prepare these ribs braised, grilled, or cooked another way, creating a great dish starts with understanding the cut and the best ways to bring out its flavour. Thursday Food,... Read More

My Blood Type Is Now IPA+

Thursday, January, 21 2021    

What is an IPA? The initials stand for India Pale Ale. I never knew about the world of IPAs until I started seeing them pop up locally. Having German friends also helps… thanks, Andreas! My curiosity about this unique craft led me to discover that this pale ale was born in the... Read More

Herman 'Porkie' Billings - Best in the West

Thursday, January, 21 2021    

It could be argued that the topic of pork generates more discussion than any other meat on the Rock and pork eaters will not shy away from telling you of their love of the pig from the nose to the tail, with the squeal the only thing left to be had. Consequently the 'Porkman' is always... Read More

Vows - Forever In Love

Tuesday, January, 19 2021    

Thirteen years proved the charm for Tamara Benjamin, Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica personal banking officer, and Damion Turner, Exmar Shipmanagement marine engineer, who exchanged wedding vows on Friday, December 18, at Waterfalls, in Liguanea. Read More


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