Lashes & FUCHSIA

Saturday, March, 10 2018    

Your Under the Dryer team continues its Carnival countdown with make-up pro Sasha Bowie. Oh, what a difference lashes can make! Here's How To Get these looks: Read More

Naomi Garrick's Naomi Garrick's PR Chick's Guide PR C

Friday, March, 9 2018    

It was a melting pot of love and support on Wednesday evening as Garrick Communications Ltd CEO Naomi Garrick was officially inducted as one of Jamaica's newest authors. Her book PR Chick's Guide: 8 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand... Read More

“Fish Dem Gone In Hiding” At Old Harbour Bay

Thursday, March, 8 2018    

The fisherfolk at Old Harbour Bay fishing Village were eager to inform Thursday Food of the shortage of fish. “Me nuh know. Is like the fish dem gone in hiding,” said fisherman Dwayne Gallimore, who had just returned from sea with an... Read More

Pascal Jolivet @ Uncorked

Thursday, March, 8 2018    

It was one of those invites that took Thursday Food mere minutes to confirm. By the end of the evening, not only were we thrilled to have been part of the gathering at Uncorked but impressed enough to have made discreet enquiries about a few of our... Read More

From Jessica in the Kitchen

Thursday, March, 8 2018    

Roasted Carrot Soup (Vegan + Easy Sheet Pan Soup!) Read More

Milo and Myra Learn Manners by Tamara Hill

Wednesday, March, 7 2018    

On Monday, education devotee and new author Tamara Hill released her first-in-a-series kids' storybook Milo & Myra Learn Manners with Mr Mongoose , a book focusing on the appropriate manners children should learn for various social... Read More

Vows: Yours Forever

Monday, March, 5 2018    

O n Sunday, December 17, 2017 Opal Clarke from Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) wed Carson Ford from Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) at a beautiful ceremony at Struan Castle Garden in Red Hills, St Andrew. Vows ... Read More


Sunday, March, 4 2018    

Who? Italian actor Adriano GianniniWhere? Milan, Italy, at the premiere of Campari Red Diaries — The Legend of Red Hand Read More

Zoe for Campari - The Legend Of Red Hand

Sunday, March, 4 2018    

What to do as an encore after Clive Owen's film noir Killer in Red premiered in Rome? Clearly little sleep was lost by the Campari team who returned to Campari's birthplace, Milan, signed actress Zoe Saldana and pulled off yet another... Read More

Cocktail With — Shanice Allen

Sunday, March, 4 2018    

 SHANICE ALLEN Social Media Influencer Read More

Gardening — March 4

Betty Ashley | Sunday, March, 4 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:My orchids have all been turning yellow from the bottom up. I don't understand what is happening, as I spray them every two weeks with a combination of Caprid, Newmectin, Pegasus, Confidor and sulfide.  Read More

My Kingston — Bunji Garland for Campari

Sunday, March, 4 2018    

Bunji garland for campariHow was the energy between Trinidad Carnival and Campari?The energy was immeasurable and incredible! The union was seamless.  Read More

Carnival Make-up meets Fashion: Pretty or Bold - We've got you Covered!

Saturday, March, 3 2018    

And there's no better time, we reckon, for the Pretty & Glam Carnival Make-up countdown to begin. Achieve this look in less than 20 minutes!Model: Rajae Bedasse  Read More

Art Wednesdays Minus Commission

Saturday, March, 3 2018    

T he Melhado Room of the OPA Reggae Mill Bar was transformed this week for the premiere of Art Wednesdays, the inspired #NoCommission exhibition series that was first started by spirits brand Bacardi and US producer Swizz Beatz to afford artists the ability to earn... Read More

Chef on Tour Series 2018

Thursday, March, 1 2018    

Iberostar hosted the first of its Chef on Tour series for 2018 with Bryce Shuman creating a fabulous six-course dinner — a formidable start to the series. Read More


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