It's All About The Rum

with Debbian Spence-Minott | Thursday, August, 29 2019    

So, this week we had to make a detour from our summer bar hopping journey, as the rum people provided such a worthwhile distraction — National Rum Day! Quite a celebration all day August 16 as Jamaica celebrated one of its treasures — rum! I was invited by Christelle Harris,... Read More

A Bloom...full Of Hope

Tuesday, August, 27 2019    

It was a day of tears, applause and gratitude at the Courtleigh Auditorium in Kingston as women came out for the fourth staging of the We Inspire Women Workshop, held on Saturday, August 24. Read More

Vows - Love At First Sight

Monday, August, 26 2019    

Saturday, July 6, 2o19, was the day chosen by Sonia's Homestyle Cooking and Natural Juices restore manager Alicia Gibbons and supervisor Roshane Johnson to exchange wedding vows at The Annual Gazebo, Botanical Hope Gardens. Vows checks... Read More

Bilbao, More Than 10 Reasons

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

So when talking Spain for vacation you would perhaps quickly list places like Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona or Ibiza as your hot-spot place to go. However, if you were to point your compass north, a novel idea for where to spend your precious holiday takes on a language all of its... Read More

My Kingston & Cocktails With - John Pilbeam and Yvonne Webber

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

John Pilbeam, Australian High Commissioner with responsibility for the Caribbean [based in Trinidad & Tobago] since February 2016, and his wife Yvonne Webber are making the final rounds prior to heading home. Read More

Grandpa & Rum

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

My grandfather, Carlton Beckford, loved rum! He believed that if you could handle your liquor, ie not pass out in the streets, then you would be less likely to find yourself in compromising positions. For that reason, he introduced his granddaughters to rum at an early age. Today we... Read More

SO 2

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Aye Aye, Tami! Read More

SO Gardening August 25

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

Dear Orchid Doc: Read More

A Caribbean Esscential

Sunday, August, 25 2019    

SO. .. here's the back story. I was gifted a beautifully packaged gift by my Beloved, who resides in Trinidad. The one trait (not sure if there are any others worthy of mention) she got from her mother is a passion for shower gels, lotions, sprays and... Read More

Rum: A National Treasure

Saturday, August, 24 2019    

After witnessing the massive turnout at the Jamaica Rum Festival in February, Saturday Social has accepted that Jamaica is indeed rum country. It's therefore no surprise that rum lovers couldn't get enough of last weekend's #NationalRumDayJa festivities. We're still... Read More

Miss Rita's Hair Essentials

Saturday, August, 24 2019    

When commercialised concoctions took its toll on her natural hair, Kellesah Thomas, on the recommendation of her mother, went back to basics with her late grandmother's hair serum. And just like that, Miss Rita's Hair Essentials was born!  Read More

The Luminous Glow

Saturday, August, 24 2019    

Makeup by King Michi has been in operation for three years. Its principal make-up artist Jody-Ann Morgan, however, has a total of nine years' experience. Her fortune changed in 2010, the result of a telephone call advising her that she had won a make-up competition to... Read More

Worthy Park Estate Single Reserve — 349 Years in the Making.

Friday, August, 23 2019    

For the past 349 years Worthy Park Estate has held its own as both a sugar producer and rum manufacturer. When Worthy Park was patented in 1670, the population of Jamaica had grown to 13,700. Fifteen years prior there were just 2,500 people on the island. Remember, folks, sugar was the... Read More

Back-to-School with Butcher Block

Thursday, August, 22 2019    

And, just like that, summer is over and it's back to juggling school drop-offs and pick-ups, ensuring homework gets completed after extracurricular activities, and deciding what to pack the kids for lunch. Yes, it's easy to hand them lunch money; however, for picky eaters, student... Read More

Sensi Cooks With Cannabis

Thursday, August, 22 2019    

Though it's a herb, cooking with cannabis takes more than just drying, grinding and sprinkling. This lesson was taught to Thursday Food at the launch dinner for The Rock's newest medicinal cannabis house — Sensi. Sensi Medical Cannabis House is under the umbrella of Marigold... Read More


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