SO2 — Sunday, January 20

Sunday, January, 20 2019    

Over in Berlin, well sorta, Saint International models Barbra-Lee Grant and Brad Allen are featured in the winter issue of Numéro Homme Berlin. The Rock models co-star in an editorial entitled “Logomaniac” lensed by Russell Frederick that showcases designs from the... Read More

Hair & There: Travel Tresses

Saturday, January, 19 2019    

Under the Dryer has previously declared, and will say it again: black hair matters! Even on vacation. When Black women travel, hair is as important as ensuring that travel documents are in order. The visit to the hairdresser needs to last long after the parade on the... Read More

VIDEO: Academy of Bartending, Spirits & Wines' First Cohort

Thursday, January, 17 2019    

In August of last year, Debbian Spence-Minott launched the Academy of Bartending, Spirits & Wines at the Trade Centre on Red Hills Road. In November, the first cohort of students was enrolled and on Thursday, January 10, they graduated from the programme. The ceremony, attended by... Read More

Let's Re-Wine: Wine 101 Basics

with Debbiann Spence-Minott | Thursday, January, 17 2019    

Over the last two weeks the conversation has been centred on wines. But how much do you really know about wines? Before we move to more complex discussions on aging, character and taste profile, it is important to understand the basics. For my more advanced readers,... Read More

Food Safety on the ground

Thursday, January, 17 2019    

A few weeks ago we looked at some areas where pathogens can lurk inside food and beverage processing facilities; one such area was flooring. Flooring is often neglected but in fact undergoes a lot of wear and tear from daily employee trafficking, multiple trips from forklifts, dragging... Read More

2019 Food Trend Forecast

Thursday, January, 17 2019    

At the beginning of the year, individuals with a vested interest in the food industry (from farmers to restaurateurs) pay close attention to food trends. Not only are these an indicia of how we eat but they also spur the creation of products (eg gluten-free cake mixes), dining concepts... Read More

SO2 — Sunday, January 13

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

It could be argued that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is besotted with actors of Caribbean descent. Black Panther was a breakout film for a number of folks with Caribbean blood, and the upcoming Captain Marvel (set to hit North American theatres on March 8) will, too, have a... Read More

SO Readers - Sharon Leach

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

I posited in SO 's New Year's issue to consider education as the new six-pack. There's no better source, we reckon, than between the pages of books.We asked quite a few lovers of the written word to share their book list... Read More

SO Readers - Dr Claudine Leiwis

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

1 August Town by Kei Miller: Kei is a talented storyteller, his characters are well developed and the intricate details pull the reader in, while creating compelling satire about everyday Jamaican life and the complexities of colourism and classism in our society. For anyone who... Read More

SO Readers - Cecile Levee

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

1 The Fountain Head by Ayn RandThis book really resonated with me, and reflects one of my favourite quotes: “In matters of style swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Thomas Jefferson Read More

SO Readers - Nasha-Monique Douglas

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

2018 was an interesting year for me… there were some great moments and there were some not-so great moments. Whilst I would agree that this is just the natural course of life, I did become so much wiser. 2018 was my self-growth yea... I learned to pause, listen and lean into my own... Read More

SO Readers - Damian Duncan

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

Casey Gerald: There Will Be No Miracles HereThis is a memoir about a gay black kid who grows up as the son of a star quarterback and ends up going to Yale and Harvard. The message is stay weird and do your best. Tara Westover: Educated Read More

SO Gardening ... Outdoor Orchids

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

For those who are lucky enough to live in areas with mild weather, you can grow outdoor orchids all year round. But even if you are not among the fortunate ones, you can still grow select orchids outside part of the year. In fact, many types of orchids will benefit from an outdoor... Read More

SO Readers - Pauline Edie

Sunday, January, 13 2019    

Tina Turner – My Love Story Read More

Pickney Pampering UTD JAN 12

Saturday, January, 12 2019    

Your Under the Dryer (UTD) team enjoyed a recent Friday afternoon with back-to-schoolers at Pickney Pampering, located upstairs the Mall Plaza. Times have certainly changed but, truth be told, not by much when it comes to getting the little ones ready for school. Back in the day there... Read More


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