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In Hot Pursuit: The Auto Issue

With the recently hosted ATL Automotive-engineered Revolution Auto Show in our rear-view mirror but serving as active inspiration, we’re traversing the highway to aspirational  driving luxury, and making pit stops to spotlight a  number of the world’s priciest autos, the plushest interiors, filmdom’s iconic wheels, and offer up a sneak peek at the business district’s hottest new address — Porsche’s  showroom space.

With the recently hosted ATL Automotive-engineered Revolution Auto Show in our rear-view mirror but serving as active inspiration, we’re traversing the highway to aspirational driving luxury and making pit stops to spotlight a number of the world’s priciest autos, the plushest interior ... Read More

The night-time facade of the New Kingston-based Porsche showroom. (Photos: MICHAEL GORDON) ‘Boulevard of Porsche Dreams’
Housed on the ground floor of the old IBM building on the corner of Knutsford Boulevard and Barbados ... Read More

FERRARI LAFERRARI APERTA - US$2.2 MILLION (Photo: Chesnot) ‘Bankrolling Your Ride’
Already possessing the distinction of being the world’s priciest hypercars and supercars, thes ... Read More

Amoi Leon-Issa (PHOTO: ANTONIO GRAHAM) Cocktails with... Amoi Leon-Issa
We’re still in residence in the tourism capital of The Rock, Montego Bay, now sharing notes wi ... Read More

Created By Jamaica Sandals

Monday, August 08, 2016    

The Roxy Sandal can be customised with different straps and tassels.

We’ve not heard much recently from Summer Tie Shue and Danielle Cunningham, the besties who, four years ago, shared their obsession for sandals with the world. Truth be told, they’ve allowed our feet — adorned in their exquisite leather — to do the talking. Indeed, our feet have been talking, and they have certainly been listening — AW Fashion is delighted to share news of the opening of the first Jamaica Sandals retail store at 110 Old Hope Road. The more is that ... Read More

A weekend at play

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Hostesses wore branded bikinis in SPF’s signature cyan. (Observer)

Another year, another party issue – the biannual first-half. SO returns to Ocho Rios, St Ann, to navigate the Emancipation weekend timetable organised by the KLE Group and the M7 Events septet. The yearly ‘Sophisticated Pleasure Awaits’ series’ party finale Soirée::SPF, pitched its cabanas, daybeds, and bistro tables on the shoreline of Pearly Beach West, last Sunday afternoon into the immediate hours following dusk. There was the seemingly inexhaustible food cou ... Read More

My Kingston — Hugh Graham

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Hugh Graham
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director,
Paramount JamaicaKarl McLarty

What are your earliest memories of Kingston? At 10 years old, when I would ride my mother’s lady’s-wheel bicycle to pick up fresh cow’s milk every morning from Miss Soukou, from Whitehall Avenue to Cassava Piece. What’s the most memorable meal that you have enjoyed in Kingston? I would say pan chicken from Red Hills Road. What would you do if you were mayor of Kingston for a day? So many things! But what is most significant to me would be to invite all the young wind ... Read More

Cocktails With... Sofia Lemaire

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Antonio Graham

We were on the eastern end of The Rock, last Saturday, in the company of All The Pretty Birds founder Tamu McPherson as she rang in her Big 4-0 in the Tropical Contemporary hot spot that is Portie. At the birthday dinner held at Geejam Hotel’s Bushbar, we make the acquaintance of McPherson’s gal pal, Haitian-American stylist Sofia Lemaire. Before you know, we’re exchanging notes and Lemaire accepts our invite to articulate on matters of approach and outlook. What is your favo ... Read More

Uptown Rae Town

Sunday, August 07, 2016    

(From left) Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison, and her contractor general hubby Dirk Harrison; Commissions Consultant Lyndsey Kilifin and British Commissioner Peter James. (Joseph Wellington)

For one night only, last Thursday, Rae Town Old Hits, downtown Kingston’s weekly departure to roots rock reggae, took on a new home, at 1B Norbrook Drive, in St Andrew. Recognised as Jamaica’s longest running weekly dance session, Rae Town Old Hits — idealised by the trio of entrepreneurs Norma ‘Sister Norma’ Wright, her husband George ‘Brother Bunny’ Wright, and Earl ‘Señor Daley — has an éclat of attracting patrons f ... Read More

Gardening — August 7

With Betty Ashley | Sunday, August 07, 2016    

Oncidium orchid

Dear Orchid Doc: The searing heat of the sun has shifted on my orchids and has caused some amount of leaf damage. Should I remove them? Janet Hopkin Dear Janet: Sunburned leaves can look rather unsightly, but may still have enough undamaged areas that can generate enough energy for the plant. I would cut off the unsightly areas with a sterile pruner. Remember to use a fungicide and cut at an angle. Dear Orchid Doc: I have noticed that my Phalaenopsis has yellow spots with a darker brown ... Read More

Summer Beauty Essentials

Saturday, August 06, 2016    

Best for Acne: LaRoche Posay Anthelios Clear Skin SPF 60

It’s that time of year when your Under the Dryer dream team presents its list of summer beauty essentials. We know how stressful a beauty haul can be, and wrinkles are not cute! Get this season’s must-haves now from your nearest beauty retailer. If you’re looking for powder and foundation make-up tips, now is not the time. We recommend going au naturel with a little shimmer on the eyes, clear mascara for the lashes, and three times the moisturiser. After all those weeks in the ... Read More

The Fruits of Our Labour

Thursday, August 04, 2016    

Fresh fruits and vegetables were the backdrop to the rush of activity.Lionel Rookwood

The 64th anniversary staging of the Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show got underway last Saturday morning at the Denbigh Show Ground in May Pen, Clarendon, with a buzz of activity and eager patrons ready to experience the best of Jamaica. Guided by the desire to ‘Eat What We Grow...Grow What We Eat’, thousands of patrons trekked the vast Clarendon space in search of fruits, poultry, ground provisions, flowers, and innovative farm and garden techniques from our 14 parishe ... Read More

A Reason To Celebrate

Thursday, August 04, 2016    

Back row: D’wayne Ferguson (left), service delivery/security & risk analyst, and Donald Dennis, HR service delivery specialist. Second row, from left: Ed Bailey, packaging shift manager; Aldon Small, senior electrical technician; and Garth Williams, sustainability manager. Front row, from left: Merrick Marshall, reporting analyst; Andrew Wright, utilities team leader; and Jahvid Hanlan, sales summer intern. (Naphtali Junior)

It’s all in the bag this Independence — the patty bag, that is — piping hot, delicious fillings packed in the flakiest of crusts. Thursday Life discovered last Friday afternoon just what happens when two of our country’s iconic products come together — one served searing hot in a brown paper bag; and the other, ice-cold in a brown glass bottle, and described as a beautiful amber lager with low butterscotch flavour, full-bodied with a smooth post-palate sensation. ... Read More



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