An Innovative Approach Part 1

Saturday, June 30, 2012    

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Salon Innovation has proven itself as a 'beauty hub' for fashionistas in the metropolitan area for 18 years. Not only can one get a fab hairstyle, but the salon also offers services such as body piercings, permanent and temporary make-up, tattoos, laser tattoo removal and waxing. Salon Innovation Director Kerry Spencer expanded her business, a few years ago with the opening of a branch at Orchid Village Plaza. The salon first opened on Constant Spring Road, but is perhaps best known for its New Kingston Shopping Centre branch. "I decided to open the Orchid Village branch five years ago because of numerous requests from my clients who live in Barbican and its surroundings. It is a lot different from the New Kingston branch because we offer more spa services." The Under the Dryer team popped in for a visit at the busy New Kingston Shopping Centre branch, where we spotted Spencer and her team styling numerous clients.

Clients: Laurie Wiggon, Petrina Rose, Nadia Coke-Norton, Yvette Bryan, Georgia Morrison and Anjulie Young.

A Unique Design

Anjulie Young, General Manager of New Kingston Pharmacy

The effervescent Anjulie made a quick stop at the salon to do her nails before heading to work. Perhaps seen as merely a convenient stop, Young insisted the proximity to her office had no influence on her decision to make it her salon of choice. "They are absolutely fantastic here! The service I get always exceeds my expectations," she explained.


* Remove the old nail polish from the nails with a cotton ball misted with nail polish remover.

* Soak hands in warm water to allow the cuticles to soften.

* Use an orange stick to push back the cuticles.

* Apply nails using an acrylic overlay.

* Buff and shape the nails using a buffer and nail file respectively.

* Apply a base coat.

* Allow the nails to dry.

* Use a stencil over the nails and airbrush the design with colours of your choice.

Anjulie's take:

I am sure that the design I received is unique — the only one like this in the world (laughs), so I am very pleased.

'Hair' for Me

Laurie Wiggon, Chartered Accountant

"I just love that they always give me suggestions on how to make me look fantastic," shared Wiggon as she got her hair styled. This is perhaps the reason Wiggon has remained loyal to the salon for the past four years. During her routine visit, she not only got her hair relaxed, but also got helpful tips from her stylist Alexia Walters on how to maintain that 'fresh from the salon' look for the rest of the week.


* Cleanse the hair and scalp with Design Essentials Moisture Retention Shampoo.

* Rinse the product from the hair, then apply Design Essentials Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner.

* Apply a mixture of Smooth 'N Shine Styling Mousse and Kizzy Pomade, then flat-wrap the hair.

* Sit under the dryer for 40 minutes to an hour (depending on the texture of your hair).

* Once dry, use a roller brush and a hairdryer to give the hair body.

* Use a flat iron to further straighten the hair.

* Finish the look by misting the hair with Motions Oil Sheen and Conditioning Spray.

Laurie's take:

I think it's fabulous!

A Healthy Bob

Petrina Rose

Though Petrina is new to the Salon Innovation family, she could not help sharing that she felt right at home. Unlike most clients, she insisted that trichologist Lena 'Miss Lorna' Clarke styled her hair. "Miss Lorna has been my stylist for as long as I can remember. She just started working here, so wherever she goes I follow," shared Rose. "It is a much better experience when you get a trichologist to do your hair rather than just a regular stylist. My hair is extremely healthy," Rose further stated.


* Analyse the hair and scalp to determine the condition the hair is in before any products are used in the hair.

* Straighten new hair growth by applying Affirm Dry & Itchy Scalp Conditioning Relaxer as directed.

* Rinse the relaxer from the hair then apply Affirm 5-in-1 Reconstructor to the hair.

* Apply a combination of Keracare Foam Wrap-Set Lotion and Keracare Leave-in Conditioner, then flat-wrap the hair.

* Sit under the dryer until the hair is dry.

* Apply KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Glossifier to the hair, then proceed to style.

* Use a roller brush and hairdryer to straighten the hair and give it body.

* Use a wide-tooth comb to style the hair.

Petrina's Take:

My hair is wonderful and that's what keeps me coming back!

Who is a trichologist?

Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp, evolving as a specialised discipline from dermatology. A trichologist is specially trained to identify and treat conditions of the hair and scalp. He/she should not be confused with a dermatologist — who has a medical degree — as the trichologist is a paramedical professional, not a doctor.

Sleek Style

Yvette Bryan, Treasury Manager at Victoria Mutual Wealth Management

Yvette popped into the salon for the ultimate day of styling. She started off with a fab new 'do then decided to get her brows waxed and receive a light application of make-up. "I love seeing the smile on my clients' faces when they see their finished look. It's what makes doing this worthwhile daily," shared Salon Innovation Director Kerry Spencer as Bryan left the salon.


* Straighten the hair with Affirm Conditioning Creme Relaxer with Protecto (use as directed on the label).

* Rinse the product from the hair, then apply Affirm 5-in-1 Reconstructor to the hair.

* Shampoo the hair a second time with Affirm Normalizing Shampoo.

* Apply Affirm Positive Link Conditioner to the hair.

* Apply a combination of Smooth 'N Shine Styling Mousse, Kizzy Pomade and Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Instant Repair Hair Polisher.

* Flat-wrap the hair.

* Sit under the dryer until the hair is dry.

* Use a wide-tooth comb to style the hair.

Yvette's take:

I am very pleased with the outcome.

Make-up Fit for a Queen

Georgia Morrison, Relationship Manager at Scotiabank

With her outfit for the Miss Jamaica World coronation in mind, Georgia Morrison decided the only thing left to complete her fabulous look was beautifully applied make-up by Kerry Spencer. Though she did not have a look in mind, Morrison was sure that Spencer would ensure that she stepped out looking and feeling absolutely beautiful.


* Cleanse the face.

* Apply a moisturiser of your choice.

* Conceal bumps, spots and any other imperfections.

* Apply MAC Pro Full Coverage NC55 Foundation by airbrushing it on the face.

* Lightly apply MAC Pro Full Coverage NC55 fixed powder.

* Apply MAC Purple Passion and Lavender Rose eyeshadows to the eyelids.

* Apply MAC Touch of Gold along the brow line to act as a highlighter.

* Line the eyes with black eyeliner.

* Use MAC Zoom Lash mascara on the lashes for volume and definition.

* Lightly apply an earth tone blush to the apple of the cheeks.

* Finish the look by airbrushing lipstick on the lips.

Why would you airbrush your lips?

Airbrushing is often associated with the application of foundation. However, it can also be used to apply eyeshadow and even lipstick. The benefits of this form of application is simple — a smooth application which lasts up to 24 hours without much fading.

Beautiful Brows

Nadia Clarke-Norton, NCB Senior Supervisor

Usually Nadia makes the trip to the salon with her daughter. However, today she came alone, as she only needed to get her eyebrows waxed. "The experience here is always good. I find that Obrian is very professional and always does an amazing job. Today was no exception. My brows are perfect!" shared an enthusiastic Clarke-Norton.

Contact Information:

Salon Innovation • Shop #41 • New Kingston Shopping Centre

30 Dominica Drive • Kingston 5 • New Kingston

Telephone: 1-876-929-8521 •



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