Chefs to watch for 2017 - The Tryall Club

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

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Thursday Food highlights five more chefs who are charged with introducing visitors and locals alike to the best culinary offerings in Jamaica.

This week’s featured chefs are from The Tryall Club, Hanover.

Executive Chef, The Tryall Club

Born in Palermo, Sicily, Chef Salvo has brought over 20 years of culinary experiences to The Tryall Club team.

The consummate globetrotter, Chef Salvo has honed his culinary skills in some of the world’s finest five-star hotels, in Italy, France, Ireland, Egypt and Jamaica.

In Executive Chef’s Salvatorre’s own words: “My passion and love for the kitchen and good food was born with me in Sicily, Palermo, Italy, where I come from.”

Being the son of a butcher from three generations, his passion for good food (soul food, as he affectionately calls it) has been with him since he was conceived.

He added, “When I was young I always saw my grandma and my mother cooking for the entire family. In Sicily, it is a ritual to have long hours of lunch or dinner; good food and enjoying all foods provided is a priority. Growing up, I realised that food is art; it is a sensation. Now, with experiences all over the world, I was able to get first-hand knowledge of the different flavours, cultures and ingredients which I lovingly showcase every day. The discovery of various recipes, old and new, the daily fusion and revision of them I do with such passion and integrity.

“I really love when my guests and family enjoy my creations. I sincerely love what I do and I do it with all my heart. Cooking and delivering savoury and, might I add delectable, dishes and seeing the look of satisfaction on people’s faces when they taste my creations make me proud and resonate in me that this is what I am born to do. “Food is art; food is life!”

Hopeton Haye
Executive Pastry Chef, The Tryall Club

Having been formally trained at the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST), now known as uTech, where he earned certification in Pastry and Bakery, Hopeton Haye has been working in the hospitality industry and doing what he loves since 1991. In his own words: “Being a pastry chef is truly my calling.” But it took him a while before he yielded to his true self as he worked at various places within the commercial sector before settling into the creative food and beverage area. Each of his pastry masterpieces is done from the heart and boasts pure talent and honed skills. Hopeton joined The Tryall Club’s family two years ago and hasn’t looked back since. His favourite creations are wedding cakes and plated desserts as these pieces reveal more about his creative side and the pure joy of seeing satisfied looks on his clients’ faces. He has had several accolades and medals bestowed upon him throughout the island such as winner of the Jamaica Yam festival, where he created masterpiece pastries using a staple common to many Jamaica homes: yam. His biggest inspiration is, and will always be, his mother. He lives daily by his own mantra: “Only my best is good enough.”

Chef, Pineapple House at The Tryall Club

Chef Ainsley Clarke is the executive chef at The Pineapple House Villa, where he prepares tantalising dishes to suit all guests’ needs and requests. Ainsley started cooking with his mother at a tender age; she was a housekeeper/cook when she imparted all she knew about the kitchen to him. That seed was germinated when he joined the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Rose Hall, Montego Bay as a steward in 2008, and discovered he had an intense passion for the culinary profession. Working alongside the chefs, his curiosity increased as he started asking questions and was always willing to assist whether or not he was asked. He was encouraged by the sous-chef at that time to participate in the cross-training programme within the culinary department. He was transferred shortly after and gained full-time employment in food and beverage.

Chef Ainsley started climbing up the culinary ladder and so decided to further his studies.

He is a HEART Trust Institute graduate, and is a commercial chef as well as a certified level 4 souschef. In 2016, Chef Ainsley attended the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York, where he studies Italian Cuisine. He loves to cook Jamaican dishes, but is versatile with other cuisines such as Italian, French, Mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican and Indian. When it comes to satisfying his own palate, his favourite meal is steak and mashed potatoes drizzled with a bacon bourbon sauce.

Sous-Chef, The Tryall Club

Like many other children in rural Jamaica, Richard Reid would play with his peers in the neighbourhood for long hours, especially during the summer holidays. Having a distinct passion for food from an early age, he was always the designated cook within the group. Richard’s journey to becoming a sous-chef began in a rather unique manner. He started out in an industrial kitchen as a steward where incidentally a cook had quit his job. So he had no objections when that newly vacant position was extended to him. This marked the beginning of his love affair with delectable cuisines. He completed a Chef Apprentice Programme at Johnson’s County Community College in the United States of America. He later pursued a supervisory and management course at the Montego Bay Community College. Chef Reid has won the coveted Iron Chef Award, as well as other local culinary competitions. When questioned about what drives him to do what he does on a daily basis, he responded confidently, “My family; everything I do, I do with dignity and humility; all because of the values that I instil in my children and the constant encouragement I get from them.”

Chef, Villa Someday Soon at The Tryall Club

Lancel Gordon is a chef at the prestigious Someday Soon Villa, located at the Tryall Club Sandy Bay, Hanover, in Jamaica. He is an organised culinary master who is passionate about planning, preparing and presenting his dishes in a manner that brings satisfaction to all his guests and, of course, himself. He loves food and enjoys satisfying everyone’s needs. People’s appreciation is what motivates Chef Lancel to continue doing his best and sharpening his culinary skills. He has completed both a Team Jamaica Programme (TPDco) and a Villa Chef course with one the finest culinary trainers, Chef Peter Gooden from NQCTS in St James. Lancel has also completed a Commercial Food Preparation Certificate (CUMMI Chef) at the HEART Trust Institute in Kennilworth. Chef Lancel is by no means finished with furthering his culinary skills, as he believes that food is an art and art is ever-evolving. He takes inspiration from his grandmother. “When I was 11 years old, I started assisting my grandmother, who I affectionately call Grandma Clarice and who is now 84 years young, in the kitchen. It was an honour for me to contribute to Sunday’s culinary experience by cooking the peas and making the salad under her careful supervision. My motivation comes from Chef Gordon Ramsay from the popular TV series, Kitchen Nightmares and most of all, my wife and kids. My favourite dish to prepare is the balsamic roast chicken because the flavours that are used in this dish are always on point. They never cease to tantalise my clients’ taste buds.”








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