Gardening September 23

Sunday, September 23, 2012    

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Dear Doc:

I bought some bareroot Vandas that rooted very well, but since the rains I have noticed that some of the roots are shrivelling and rotting from the area where the roots are attached to the body. What can I do to remedy this situation?


Dear Betty

You are very observant. I wish more people would pay that much attention to their plants. What you have noticed is the embryonic stage of a fungus caused by over-watering.

Clip off all the roots that are affected and use some Phyton 27 at a rate of 2 tbs per gallon of water. Double the dosage every 5 days for 4 weeks.

By this time a part of the body would have already been affected and would have manifested in a brown layer; strip this. Mix a thick paste from the fungicide Ridomil, and apply to the affected area (neck of orchid).

Dear Doc:

I have a big favour to ask. Thieves are continually plaguing our orchid beds. We are asking that people do not buy these orchids. Each morning we wake up to news of someone else's orchids being stolen.

It does not make a difference if you report it, as nothing is done. We see our orchids being sold outside the Canadian Embassy traffic lights each time they are stolen, but we are afraid to say anything. HELP!


Dear McLarty:

I myself have seen this young man selling orchids. My friends' orchids have been stolen on numerous occasions, and nothing has been done. What we can all do is not provide a market for these thieves. If there is no market, there will be no thieves selling orchids. So people, PLEASE buy your orchids from reputable growers.

Betty Ashley is an avid orchid enthusiast who has spent decades successfully cultivating orchids for herself, as well as for orchid lovers across the island, earning herself the title 'Orchid Doc'. Send your orchid questions and/or concerns to:



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