Govt puts hold on JUTC fare increase

KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Government has put a hold in the implementation of a fare increase for the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) OBSERVER ONLINE has learned. The decision follows a meeting this morning between Transport Minister Omar Davies and stakeholders in the transport sector. The increase ... Read more


Hollywood goes Streaking

Under the Dryer

Saturday, October 06, 2012    

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It was a fad in the 90s among punk-rock followers, and never quite caught on with Hollywood's heirs. Fast-forward to 2012 and now the young celebs have all gone streaking. Think silky pink tresses for feminine glamour, or deep red, blue and even purple streaks for a fierce fashion edge. It's a do-it-yourself task if you're up to the challenge, or you can pop into your salon for the über-fab highlights.

Recommended colours for different hair types:

Blonde hair:

Blonde hair will play up even the slightest colouring mistakes and as such we are recommending that you go for light colours - baby pink, sky blue, emerald, lavender — to complement the blonde tresses.

Brown hair:

Julia Roberts has successfully shown how to highlight brown hair. The solution is to bleach the areas that you want to streak to ensure that when the colour is added it stands out on its own.

Black hair:

Even the darkest of black tresses can be streaked. Royal blue, purple and dark green have been on-trend colours that pop in black hair. Like brown hair, however, the areas to be streaked must be bleached before colouring so the colour stands out on its own.

Here's how to streak your hair:

Using Foil

What you'll need:

* Streaking kit — look for one complete with everything needed including the bleach. Some also include the brush. Follow the instructions carefully.

* Strips of foil

* Streaking brush needed for the desired streaks.


* Separate the groups to be streaked.

* Mix bleach solution.

* Brush the bleach solution only on the strands of hair that you want to be streaked.

* Fold the foil flat over the hair, and time according to the directions on the kit or until desired colour is achieved.

* Open the foil and rinse bleached strips with a light shampoo ensuring you wash all the bleach out.

* Pat bleached strips dry and apply colour following the instructions on the label.

* Shampoo and condition.

* Style as desired.

Using A Streaking Cap

What you'll need:

* Streaking kit — look for one complete with everything needed including the bleach. Some also include the brush and cap. Follow the instructions very carefully.

* Streaking hook or crochet hook.


* Pull the streaking cap over dry hair, ensuring that it fits.

* Pull small groups of hair strands, as far up as the roots, through the holes in the cap with the hook.

* Use as many holes to accommodate the number of streaks you desire.

* Mix bleach solution.

* Using a small brush, apply the bleaching solution to the strands of hair that have been pulled through the cap.

* Wait the amount of time specified on the product packaging, depending on how light you want the streaks to be.

* Rinse your hair with a light shampoo, ensuring all the solution is removed before removing the streaking cap.

* Apply colour of choice.

* Shampoo and condition.

* Style as desired.



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