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Saturday, March 19, 2011    

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We're at Salon Supreme today, located inside the Jamaica Pegasus, catching up with a few of the salon's regulars as well as two new clients who were excited to give Joy Manning and Shernette Walker — two of the salon's reputed stylists — a try. Here's what we discovered. (Photos: Joseph Wellington)

Totally Tamed

Kathryn Chin See - student/personal trainer

Kathryn leads a very busy life, as she not only attends college, but is also a personal trainer, among other things. It is for this reason that she always has a low-maintenance 'do. She is currently growing out a crew cut, and as such she is getting reacquainted with her curls. Today she wants a new look, and pays her first visit to Salon Supreme where Joy immediately decides that a straightening job is in the cards.

The Routine:

Since Kathryn had previously shampooed her hair at home, Joy can get straight to work without the additional preparation steps. Firstly, she applies Redken Align 12 ultra-light straightening balm to her hair ahead of blow-drying. She explains to our team that this product helps to tame the taut curls, thus enabling a sleeker blow-out, and also protects her hair from thermal damage. She then commences the 'roll-blowing' process, where a blow-dryer and a round brush are used simultaneously to straighten and curl the hair. When this is completed, Joy applies a dollop of CHI hair polish to the strands ahead of flat-ironing for a sleek and totally tamed effect.

Kathryn's Take:

"I really like it here; it's a very cosy setting. Plus Joy is very speedy, she definitely has the know-how and she gave me exactly what I wanted, which is good. I like how my hair looks and feels."

Soft Curls

Nadene Martin - chartered accountant

A regular at Salon Supreme, Nadene pops into the salon today for a quick shampoo and treatment ahead of running some errands. Luckily for her, Joy can have her in and out of the styling chair in no time.

Joy's Vision:

"Nadene is one of my traditional customers, so I will perform my haircare rites and give her a curly style to jazz up her look a little bit. Nothing too major though, because her hair is very light."

The Routine:

Pre Art hair treatment is first applied to damp, towel-dried hair to 'strip' it -- a term used by hairstylists to refer to the process of removing build-up from the hair. The product also aids in softening the strands for a smoother finish.

Nadene is then placed under the dryer for 15 minutes to facilitate the process. Shampooing with TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner follows, after which the hair is blotted with a towel and a liberal amount of Smooth 'N' Shine polishing mousse is applied. Joy then proceeds to trim the ends ahead of setting with rollers and placing her under the dryer for 20 minutes. When this is finished, she blow-dries the roots to remove the kinks along the hairline and enhances the curls with a medium curling iron. To complete the look, Joy uses her fingers to tousle the curls a bit for a soft, feminine appeal.

Nadene's Take:

"I absolutely love it!"

Fit For A Princess

Princess Diana Gomez - nurse/beauty therapist

Princess works nearby, so for her, popping into the salon for a touch-up is very convenient. Take today for instance, when there is no particular occasion, save a need to look coifed and pretty. All she has to do is walk up the stairs to see Joy who will create a stylish look for her in minutes.

The Routine:

Having stopped by on her lunch break for a quick shampoo and blow-dry, Princess now returns to complete the style. Joy continues by first smoothing her hair with a ceramic flat iron, ahead of separating a section at the front and gathering it into a ponytail. She then mists her hair with Redken Workforce 09 Volumising/Holding Spray, gathers her hair into a bun at the crown and creates a side fringe at the front with the flat iron. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen spray is then misted onto her hair for added shine.

Princess's Take:

"I'm enjoying this look, and I'm sure the picture speaks for itself too."

Chic Layers

Alicia Thomas - owner, A Marie Goddess boutique

Alicia is wearing extensions and tells our team that she opted for this style because she wants a chic look that still maintains a professional appeal. She's leaving the island soon, however, and decided to pop into the salon for a quick touch-up ahead of running some errands. It's her first visit, so Shernette greets her on entrance and proceeds to get the job done quickly.

The Routine:

Since Alicia had her hair shampooed and enhanced with extensions just a few days prior, Shernette decides to not only smooth the strands with a blow dryer, but to also give her a slightly layered trim with a razor for a more natural, bouncy look. When this is finished, a ceramic flat iron is used to style it, which is followed by Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen and Redken Workforce 09 Volumising/Holding sprays to complete the look.

Alicia's Take:

"I like it! I wanted to add the layers to sharpen the look a bit more and it definitely works."

Swept Away

Nadean Huxtable - student

Like most students, a ponytail is usually the look of choice for Nadean, who prefers to keep things simple. But she's feeling a bit spontaneous today, so she visits Shernette requesting something flirty and stylish.

Shernette's Vision:

"I have something very chic in mind for Nadean. I think it will suit her very nicely, given her bone structure, and it is a very soft, feminine style too. She will love it."

The Routine:

Nadean's hair is first shampooed with Affirm MoisturColor and Keracare conditioner, after which Remedy deep-conditioning treatment is applied to her hair to soften it. Shernette then places her under the dryer for 15 minutes to allow the product to penetrate the hair. When this is finished, her hair is rinsed and blotted with a towel. Fantasia IC Hair Polisher is then applied to her hair while damp, which is then set with rollers and she is placed under the dryer for another 30 minutes. On completion, Shernette uses a blow-dryer to smooth the kinks along her hairline, then creates large, loose curls with a curling iron. To complete the look, she uses her fingers to create a sweeping effect towards the front and sides, and then mists Nadean's hair with Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen and Redken Workforce 09 Volumising/Holding sprays for an added boost.

Nadean's Take:

"I feel very pretty! It's really a nice look for me. Thank you!"

Sleek Chic

Tenesha Wright - nail technician

A no-fuss person who still enjoys a chic 'do, long, sleek layers are perfect for Tenesha, who also prefers low-maintenance 'dos. She is already wearing a style that was recently done, so today she needs a 'refresher', she tells our team. The nail technician is on a tight schedule, so Shernette immediately gets to work.

The Routine:

Tenesha's hair is first shampooed with TRESemmé, then deep-conditioned with Remedy deep-conditioning treatment. Shernette then wraps her hair with Smooth 'N' Shine Polishing Mousse and places her under the dryer for 20 minutes. After which, her hair is blow-dried briefly, then Fantasia IC Hair Polisher is applied for added shine, and a flat iron is used to style it into the sleek look she desires. Redken Workforce 09 Volumising/Holding spray is then liberally misted onto her hair for a light hold.

Tenesha's Take:

"I think it looks great as usual, and I love it. It suits me very well, and it's exactly what I want."

Contact Salon Supreme at:

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5. Tel: 926-1911.


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