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Saturday, July 21, 2012    

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The Ari Sulfur facial treatment bar is the genius idea of renowned dermatologist Dr Patricia Yap and her sister, chemist Felice Campbell. Unlike similar skincare products, the treatment bar has been formulated specifically for persons of colour. Yap credits the work of Madame CJ Walker, an African-American inventor who revolutionised haircare and skincare for people of colour, for inspiring her to create the treatment bar which is best suited for people of colour. The bar not only works well with persons of African descent, but it is also produced and manufactured in Jamaica. It is made from volcanic sulfur, tropical aromatic fragrance and natural vegetable oils, which work ideally in our climate. The treatment bar, which is odourless and colourless, gently dissolves the bridges between the dead skin cells, leaving behind a brighter, more even skin tone.

The Get the Look team sat down with Dr Patricia Yap, who not only explained the benefits of using the treatment bar but also tested the product on some of our team members. Rest assured, readers, it works! The soap's lather completely dissolves into the skin within minutes, giving the user the option of walking around with the product still on the skin without it being noticeable by others. The product is easily removed and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. The blemishes and imperfections on the skin had noticeably faded, after just one use.

Check out our interview with the creators of the Ari Sulfur facial treatment bar to see if it could help you get the skin you have always dreamed of!

Get the Look (GTL): How does it work?

Dr Patricia Yap (PY): The Ari Sulfur facial treatment bar is ideal for persons with all grades of acne. Depending on the specific skin conditions, other products may be recommended for use in addition to using the treatment bar. We created a soap that has the therapeutic benefits of taking a dip in a sulfur mineral bath, without having to take the trip. It gently removes dead skin cells and the sulfur penetrates the skin to heal it.

GTL: What are the benefits of sulfur?

PY: Sulfur has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which makes it effective in treating skin conditions such as:

* Mild to severe acne

* Hair bumps

* Pityriasis versicolor (liver spots)

* Dissolving blackheads

* Dissolving whiteheads

* Removal of dark spots left behind by pimples on the face, chest and back.

GTL: How should it be applied?

PY: The product can be applied in five easy steps:

1. Moisten the facial sponge with water.

2. Create a thick lather on the sponge.

3. Apply a thin layer to the skin.

4. Allow the mask to stay on the surface of the skin for at least three to five minutes. If you want you can let it stay on the surface of your skin for an hour.

5. Gently rinse the product from the skin.

Felice Campbell (FC): Avoid getting the product in your eyes.

GTL: When should the treatment bar be used?

FC: You should try using the bar at least twice a day.

GTL: How soon can users expect to see results?

PY: Users will see results after the first use. The sulfur immediately starts working on removing the dead skin cells from the skin's surface. The difference is clear!

FC: The first thing users will notice is how much softer the skin feels and the emergence of the natural colour of the skin. Over a period of time your skin should clear up beautifully. As a chemist I tend to use the product on one hand so that I can monitor the results over a period of time. My left hand is brighter and has fewer blemishes than my right. I am walking proof that the product works.

GTL: Should this be used with other products for better results?

PY: The treatment bar may be used by itself to treat the affected areas of the skin.

GTL: Will there be other products from the Ari Sulfur line?

PY: We are currently working on several other products to include in the Ari Lab skincare line. Hopefully men won't feel left out because we are currently testing Ari Sulfur products that will specifically target skincare problems faced by our Caribbean men.

GTL: Where is it sold?

PY: The treatment bar is manufactured by Ari Labs and distributed by Cari-Med. It is sold in major pharmacies across the island.

GTL: Is the product safe?

PY: The product is a gentle treatment for persons with a variety of skin conditions. However, if you are allergic to sulfur, this is not a product that you should try.

FC: It is the only 10 per cent sulfur product of its kind that is approved by the government of Jamaica. It is also safe for pregnant women.

For more information you contact Dr Yap at:

Apex Medical Centre

2a Molynes Road

Kingston 10

Tel: 876-960-7905/ 876-960-7923/ 876-960-7926



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