The Natural Selection (Part 3)

Under the Dryer

Saturday, July 28, 2012    

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This week we share our final instalment in our feature on Jus Natural Hair Studio in Portmore Town Centre. On hand were J Wray and Nephew bartenders who prepared refreshing mixes of Absolut peach Sex on the Beach cocktails.

Clients: Latoyia Brown, Kenny Pinnock, Woleté Scott-Robertson and Orane Spencer. (Photos: Bryan Cummings)

Twist and Lock

Latoyia 'Chops' Brown

In order to make her locks look well groomed, Latoyia decided to go to her loctician. After consulting with her, she decided that the palm-rolling technique would be most suitable for her. "I love going to a salon that specialises in natural hair. It makes you feel relaxed knowing that they have an expertise in your hair texture and in dreadlocks," shared Brown.


* Cleanse the hair with tea tree shampoo.

* Lightly condition the hair.

* Blow-dry the hair.

* Apply oil to the scalp.

* Palm-roll the new growth

* Create two-strand twists to the hair.

* Place hair in a ponytail.

* Twist and bump the ends.

* Use hairpins to hold the style in place.

Latoyia's take:

It is lovely. I love the styles I get here.

Rastafarian Roots

Kenny Pinnock, graphic designer

"I have had dreadlocks for about three years but I have always loved the Rastafarian culture. So it was only fitting that I decided to get locks," shared Pinnock. This was Pinnock's first visit to Jus Natural Hair Studio, so his anxiety to see the results was expected. "I heard that they are the best so I decided to give it a try," he further explained.


* Interlock the new growth of the locks.

* Apply flat-twists to the first four rows of the hair.

* Create a 'doo-wrap' design to the back of the hair by taking the ends of the locks and wrapping them to create large cylindrical coils.

Kenny's take:

It's very lovely. Better than I expected. Unlike my other salon, getting my locks groomed and styled was a pain-free experience. I really enjoyed it.

Braided Delight

Orane 'DJ Syrian' Spencer,

Orane has been a client of the salon for about a year. "I have friends who get their hair done at the Kingston branch of the salon, who have nothing but rave reviews to give. So I decided to give the Portmore branch a try," he explained. Orane enjoyed his first experience so much that he makes it his duty to visit the salon at least once a month.


* Cleanse the hair and scalp with tea tree shampoo.

* Condition the hair.

* Blow-dry the hair.

* Create cornrows and apply Blue Magic Organics oil to the scalp.

* Hold the ends of the hair in place with elastic bands.

Orane's take:

It's awesome.

A Lovely Updo

Woleté Scott-Robertson, coder/editor

Woleté stopped by the salon for her regular grooming session. She decided to have her roots interlocked rather than palm-rolled. The interlocking technique gives the same sleek finish as palm-rolling but typically lasts two weeks longer.


* Interlock the new growth of the locks.

* Apply flat-twists to the first four rows of the hair.

* Apply wax to each lock to reduce the fuzz.

* Create flat-twists to the front of the hair.

* Place hair in a ponytail.

* Create petal-like folds and fasten them in place with elastic bands and hairpins.

Woleté's take:

I really like it a lot.


To maintain the looks featured in this article the Jus Natural Hair Studio suggests that you use a silk scarf to wrap your hair at nights before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, mist the hair with a light oil for sheen. Continue this routine and the look will be fresh for at least a week. Be mindful of the effects of water on your hair especially if you get a palm-roll. Protect your hair from water when you shower.

Contact Information:

Jus' Natural Hair Studio

Shop #40 • Portmore Town Centre

Tele: 876-998-8879/ 876- 854-5859.



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