Women prey for men

Daddy Oh

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Sunday, June 24, 2012    

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Ay me,

How weak a thing

The heart of woman is.

— Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, 11, 4

WOMEN pray for men, and they should, for Lord knows some men need all the prayers that they can get. But in this case, I'm talking about women who are prey for men, and the men who hunt them and take advantage of them.

In most traditions it's the man who is the breadwinner and provider in the relationship. At least that was back in the day. But with women coming into their own and climbing the corporate ladder -- with some even building their own ladders -- the tide has shifted somewhat. Some men feel threatened by this; others welcome it, as sharing goes a far way to make life better for both. But there are some men who take this to the extreme and think that their women should take care of them.

Believe it or not, there are men who do not believe in earning their keep, paying their way, taking care of their woman, or showing any form of independence whatsoever. They are aware, as the above quote said, that a woman's heart is frail and weak, and they certainly take advantage of this.

Maybe some women do not mind and will accept this, just to have a man, but to others it poses a major problem and they hit out against this practice. Women prey for men, what does it mean? We'll find out right after these responses to 'Animals women need'.


Yes, the animals women need is a virus in our society, but it's the doing of man himself that destroys him. I blame men for those types of women. When I hear of how men treated our grandmothers, mothers, grandaunts, and cousins, it turns me off from becoming the traditional woman who serves her man.

We are learning from men, we are behaving like them. Men can be very selfish, but they can only see the act as 'selfish' and 'wrong' when women do the same act. The men want four types of women -- the Helper (wife), the Trophy (young girl), the Freak (wickedest slam), and the Business Associate.

Why don't you write about the men who come in with only a shirt on their back but leave with the car, bike, clothes, jewellery, furniture, and the dog? And if you don't mind sharp, he sues you for half your house and property.



We are all animals, whether we like to think it or not, and as you rightly pointed out, we need the characteristics of animals in our mates if we want to be fulfilled. Nobody wants a pussycat, nobody wants a dog, we certainly abhor the rat, and a pig is out of the question. But give me a bull, a horse, a bear, a lion, or a tiger any day.

Any honest woman will admit to this, especially the ones who are married to sheep. As for the mouse, you can keep that one. Man is an animal and woman is an animal too, so if you want us to be compatible, you had better let those animal instincts come to the surface. Well said, Tony.


That first letter really made me think, and the lady who wrote it really put some balance to what I originally said about women needing animals in their lives in order to be fulfilled. So after some research, I discovered that she had some very good points in many areas. In the same way that women need certain types of animals to be fulfilled, men do need the same variety. The only difference is that it's easier for a man to find separate animals to prey on, as she rightly pointed out.

Many women become stuck with no means of escape, but men, hunters that they are, can snag different types of prey. You see, men basically are hunters, and hunters need prey to survive. And what is man's main prey but women?!

And in order to fulfil all of his base appetites, the man must have a variety of women, either consecutively over a period of time, or concurrently, all running at the same time. Remember, there is such a thing as sequential monogamy which I wrote about years ago, so variety can be had over a period of many years.

Many men were basically spoilt by their mothers and now cannot survive on their own. They still need that maternal assistance from a woman. So either they spend their lives still tethered by the umbilical cord to their mummies, or they get the next best thing... you guessed it right, a wife, or helper, as the lady pointed out in her letter. Let's face it, many mothers play the role of helper in their sons' lives from the day he is born until he is in his fourth decade and beyond.

They pick him up, put him down, they feed him, clothe him, bathe him, nurse him, feed him some more, spoil him, and pamper him. Isn't that what a helper does? The only difference is a real helper is paid, while a mother never stops paying.

So if mommy cannot fill that slot anymore, the man acquires a new helper -- a wife. He then expects her to do all the things that mommy, aka his first helper, used to do, plus more of course, but only on his terms. She is his prey and she doesn't even know it, or maybe she does, but is so glad for the little work that she dares not rock the boat for fear that he dismisses her and finds another helper to fill her position.

The second woman prey for men is the trophy, and she is so sought after that the hunters often have a feeding frenzy. The trophy woman is a must-have for the man; for she is the epitome of conspicuous consumption, and has to be seen out with the man at all the social watering holes. She is young, attractive, young, beautiful, young, glamorous, young, fashionable. Did I mention young? Oh yes, her youth is a sure-fire barometer of his worthiness as a master hunter, for there is no fun or glory in showing off an old pop-down ferret that you shot in the woods.

It's a young, nimble, beautiful fox that is the real trophy, and that's what he wants to parade around with as he preens, "Look at me, see what I got, I'm pushing 70 years, but I snared a trophy who is 22 years old." But as we all know, the trophy comes with a price; either guts and glory, blood and sweat, or big spending for the safari. But if the fox could tell her side of the story regarding the hunt, we'd all be raising our eyebrows.

Trophies have to be maintained, polished frequently or they lose their sheen, taken out to be shown off. But at times they get stolen. Still, trophies are sought after, and the big hunter man will always desire one for himself.

Which brings us to the freak, which as the name implies, is the prey that does the most-off-the-wall and freakish things. The freak is every hunter's dream prey, and is the one most talked about. You never hear of hunters boasting about the fish that they easily caught in the pond. But that giant marlin that thrashed around for hours, making him sweat, using up all of his line, abusing his muscles, keeping his adrenaline at the boiling point, making his heart pump like it has never pumped before,that's the dream of the master hunter.

And after he has snagged one of those, the stories of the capture will be the stuff that legends are made of and will be told for many years to come. That prey is the prize among prizes, and freaky days and freaky nights will be spent in her company.

Listen, don't just take my word for it, but check out the names that they have that really turn on the hunter. Most are prefaced with the name 'Freaky' and many men refer to some women as freaks, and not in a disparaging way either. "Man I tell you, she's a freak in bed, out the bed, on the floor, on the table, in the car... she's a freak I tell you... a freak." Even the hit song Wickedest Slam alluded to this.

It's every man's dream to have a freak as his prey, but beware, they are called freaks for good reason, and men have died trying to keep up, as at times prey suddenly turns around and becomes the hunter, and the man cannot handle the moves of the freak.

Try cornering a cat and then let that puss rail up, arch its back, bare its claws and teeth and spring at you and see how fast you beat a hasty retreat, screaming as you do. If it catches you, you're in big trouble. But still, danger gives a thrill, and the freak is sought after for the excitement is simply to die for, even if it means so literally.

Now, the business associate is the woman prey who suffers the most. Men see her as the provider, keeper, financier, giver, lender, and ATM. There is a breed of men who prey on these women for one thing only -- what they can get from them.

They size them up in the same way a chain grabber stakes out a bejewelled woman walking on the street, and they move in for the kill with the stealth of a leopard. And just like that slinky cat, he won't change his spots. He salivates when he sees the car that she drives, he trembles with delight when he finds out where she works, he gets goosebumps when he sees her credit cards, he drools when he spots her open bank book and he goes into paroxysms of delight when he sees the house in which she lives.

He latches on like a leech to its host, and in like fashion, will drain her dry. "That prey is for me, and I will live off her until a voice says, spend no more." To him it's a business arrangement, as he arranges her business to suit his lifestyle. He will drop her off at her office in her car, sleep at her house, spend her money, and let her mind him. What a wonderful prey to snare. But sadly, many women are only too eager to be trapped by this hunter, for they can then say, "I got me a man, and he's MY man."

So in the same way that women need certain animals to be fulfilled, men also need prey; women prey. Women pray for men, but there are women prey for men too. More time.

Footnote: For years we've been hearing the environmentalists talk about our environment being under siege, and we for the most part ignored it. Well, I got a first-hand view last weekend as we enjoyed some sightseeing on a glass bottom boat in Ocho Rios. Much to our horror and dismay, there was not even one fish to be seen as the boat traversed the Ocho Rios harbour. Marine life was zero; I have more fish in my fish tank at home than in that entire area. The coral was depleted and the sea bottom looked like a barren wasteland.

I remember snorkeling years ago and enjoying the variety of the marine life that was there, but that's no more. I'm grateful for those memories. We must take our environment more seriously and listen to what the environmentalists have to say. If not, we'll be in even more trouble than we are now. First the reefs die, the fish disappear, then what?





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