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Hair's To Botox

Saturday, June 24, 2017

We've heard about Botox for the face, but what about for the hair? “Hair Botox is for those looking to smooth things over,” says hairstylist Lisa Hutchinson. In that case, could we perhaps apply it to other parts of our lives, as well?

Hutchinson offers the service at her salon, Lisa's at its 1 Altamont Crescent location, and women are flocking to try the treatment which promises to smooth and strengthen tresses. “Keratin was the rage and now Botox has taken over. It's less harsh, there's fewer chemicals and more conditioner,” adds Hutchinson.

“Hair Botox is like the cooler younger sister of keratin just without the damage,” says Hutchinson. It works by adding protein to the hair and bonds to the strands so there's no splitting or breaking,” she says. Hair is naturally made of the protein keratin but lifestyle and products deplete hair of it. Hair Botox rectifies the deficit and the result is smoother and more manageable hair. As a plus, Botox doesn't have the formaldehyde that's so concerning in keratin.

“You are going to lose a little of the curl texture, but that's often what clients are looking for,” notes Hutchinson. The treatment lasts 6-8 weeks and is recommended for all hair types: relaxed, natural and colour-treated. “I particularly recommend it for colour-treated hair. It can bring even the most damaged hair back.” Another great thing about hair Botox is that you don't have to wait two or three days for it to set. “You can style it immediately and head straight to the beach.” Sounds like a plan to us!

The process is pretty staight-forward: First, a clarifying shampoo is used to remove residual products, then the hair is dried and the product is applied. Just 70 minutes later, it is removed and the straightening process begins. Finally, a flat iron at 450 degrees is used to seal it in. Each segment is carefully straightened seven times.

For maintenance at home Hutchinson recommends sulphate-free products such as Redken's Frizz Dismiss line.

We would be eager to take her advice. Hutchinson has 20 years of experience in the industry and studied at Dudley University in North Carolina, one of the best schools for black hair.


The treatment costs US$175-US$200. “It's pricey but it's worth it,” says Hutchinson. It's no secret how willing Jamaican women are to spend big bucks on their hair maintenance. “We make the necessary sacrifice to make sure we can get our hair done,” Hutchinson adds.

As the treatment set, she noted how much the Jamaican customer has evolved during her time in the industry. “We, as Jamaican women, are more wrapped up with our looks than ever.” When asked what might have caused the change she sited social media as a major influencer. “I think social media has a lot to do with it. It has its negative effects but it also has its fair share of positives. On one hand, clients are willing to try a lot more things. We're being exposed to a lot more.”

Social analysis aside, the luscious effects of a hair Botox treatment is something you're certainly going to want to put on your social media. No filters necessary.