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In The Bag — Me & My COACH — Chesna Haber

by Chesna Haber | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Unlocking the mystery of my relationship with my new-found love Read More

In The Bag — From Russia, With Love — Novlet Deans

by Novlet Deans | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Imagine having made a decision, which you were warned against and which has now backfired. Yes, the rug had been pulled from under my feet and I stood alone, without any form of emotional support in an unfamiliar territory — Moscow, Russia. The burden was too heavy and I needed to... Read More

In The Bag — 'A classy bag for a classy lady.'

Sunday, January, 28 2018    

My male best friend pops up at my all-girl birthday dinner, jumps out the car and says, “I busted my brain trying to figure out what to get you and then I thought — a classy bag for a classy lady!” Read More

Cocktails With— Erin Mitchell

Sunday, January, 28 2018    

E rin Mitchell, co-founder, The Portal, providers of Virtual Administrative Services, and The Xchange, a company focused on Culinary Marketing and Culinary Talent Management, has had a super-busy week. Back on The Rock after a weekend away it's the perfect opportunity we... Read More

My Kingston — Marcus Steele

Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Marcus SteeleManaging Director, CarrerasWhat are your earliest memories of Kingston? Read More

In The Bag

Sunday, January, 28 2018    

What's in a bag? Comfort, power, security, a sense of worth? The list can go on and on. Is a woman ever satisfied with her cache of bags? Hardly ever! Indeed, the ROI on a Birkin is forecasted to double in the next 10 years. What's more, Elise Whang and Emily Dang, founders of SnobSwap... Read More

In The Bag — My Bag Chose Me! — Pauline Ann Marie Edie

by Pauline Ann Marie Edie | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

It's all in the bag! Right? For me it is. I have never gone shopping for a bag...a specific bag, that is. I tend to have an idea of what I want and I will walk into the store and the bag that I eventually buy practically speaks to me. I'm tempted to say the bag chose... Read More

In The Bag — My Convertible Bendel Backpack — Mala Morrison

by Mala Morrison | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

It was summer, one of my best friends' birthdays, UB was racing for the final time. I packed fast and I packed light. So naturally, if I'm travelling I take my convertible Bendel backpack. I've been a lover of the brand for years, and I have a few other styles that are well made,... Read More

Gardening — January 28

Betty Ashley | Sunday, January, 28 2018    

Dear Orchid Doc:I live on the higher plains of St Elizabeth where it's cool with very few trees. Read More

Shared Voices: Yu Still Stay Good!

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

SO invited eight remarkable women to share their voices. Yes, there were a few prompts, but, for the most part we waited to be surprised. The ladies did not disappoint! And we reckon that, like us you'll want to curl up in bed this Sunday morning and enjoy their... Read More

Shared Voices: Be True To You

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

What is your PMS? I'm talking about your Personal Mission Statement! Read More

Shared Voices: On Having Children

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

I had just landed in Spain after a 12-hour flight from San Francisco, with my nine-month-old baby on my hip. I was looking — well, dishevelled is the honest word for it. Anyone with kids, who is lucky enough to travel, has experienced the teeth-grinding tension associated with... Read More

Shared Voices: The myth of formal education

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

Is a bachelor's degree enough in today's society? Many assume graduating university will open opportunities in the professional space. It comes with the belief that they are one step closer to their dream job and will soon be cashing in some big cheques. While this may be true for some,... Read More

Shared Voices: What Time Is It?

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. And like the world we live in the basic law of nature demonstrates that the atmosphere and living organisms change as the seasons change. Whether they change colour, migrate or... Read More

Shared Voices: What will you say #TimesUp on?

Sunday, January, 21 2018    

Recently in the United States, the #TimesUp campaign was launched with a bang! The campaign seeks to send a message that the clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. Read More


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